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  1. Heywood

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    DAY 1/20
    I started a 20-day Master Cleanse yesterday.

    This is my first time, I’m 52 years old, in good basic health, don’t have a weight problem, and I’m reasonably fit. I’m doing the Master Cleanse as a detox program because of the remarkable effect it had on a friend of mine in LA. I hadn’t seen him for a couple of years, and when I saw him again he looked so good I thought he’d had a dermatological procedure. But no, it was the Master Cleanse, he tells me. His eyes, skin, hair, everything - his whole personality, actually - were positively glowing with good energy! For my part, I’ve felt lethargic and bloated the last six months or so, despite doing The Burger Cycle Tour in November and the Cape Argus in March.

    So what to do? Try something different, I thought. I’ve never done a detox of any kind before, so here goes...

    I did everything by the book on Day 1, starting with the laxative tea the night before, and the salt water flush (SWF) first thing in the morning. But nothing happened on the flush front! I’ll do the same again tomorrow, see what happens. By the way, I always gag when I gargle with salt water, but getting the SWF solution down wasn’t nearly as unpleasant as I expected it to be. I just downed it all in three goes.

    I made up a jug of the lemonade in the morning with 1500ml spring water, 180ml maple syrup, the juice of 3 lemons, and a little over half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper and got through all of that by 2 o’clock! The stuff is delicious, man! So I made a second jug for the afternoon, and polished that off before 7pm.

    All in all, there was nothing that needed ‘surviving’ on my first day, except a nasty headache that developed in the evening and kept me awake most of last night. I didn’t want to take headache pills, so I rode it out. Perhaps I should've taken Friday off and started the thing before the weekend.

    I felt slightly peckish in the evening, but felt no serious hunger pangs. And I’m not sure if I’m imagining it, but has my sense of smell improved since yesterday?

    Energy level: Hard to tell. Around 6.5 out of 10? Slightly better than the day before.

    Weight: 72.7 kg (My height: 1.77m)

    Will keep you posted...

    You have to cause good health, not just avoid poor health.
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  2. Heywood

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    DAY 2/20
    Headache was gone in the morning. The SWF kind of worked, although unremarkable. I used slightly heaped teaspoons this time. It IS two teaspoons per litre of lukewarm water, right?

    I was a little peckish during the morning. Think that’s just my habit of snacking. I usually do slim rice cakes with strawberry jam, peanut butter, liver paté, or fish paste; now I made my mouth water.

    It’s coming on winter, but it feels like I’m getting chilly a little more quickly than usual. Anyone else experience this?

    And has anyone experienced an increased sensitivity to smells? I have, definitely.

    I miss nibbling and enjoying cups of tea throughout the day. I drank less lemonade today (almost 3 litres) and I didn’t wolf it down as I did on the first day.

    All in all, a fine day.

    Energy up to about 7/10.

    Weight: 71.6, down 1.1 kg from yesterday.

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  3. Heywood

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    DAY 3/20
    Hmm, had some perky dreams last night! Can’t remember them, but I know they were more active than usual.

    I had a good day. Long day too. It included an evening class in which somebody asked me: “What are you ON today? You’re hyperactive tonight!” Suppose I was full of it. 

    The SWF still isn’t much to remark upon, perhaps the effect is “pending”.

    I went shopping for mineral water and lemons today. I’ve started paying attention to the mineral content in the various brands of bottled water. It’s remarkable how they differ! I paid particular attention to the amount of chloride and flouride in each brand. Ceres Still Water and aQuellé were the lowest.

    Pick n Pay in the Gardens Shopping Centre has the nicest lemons in Cape Town, imho. They’re good, medium-sized, yellow lemons that yield 50-60ml of juice each. I find the yellow lemons sold by another more larney store look great, but don’t deliver nearly as much juice.

    By the way, my sense of smell has definitely amped up by about 50%, I swear! It’s TORTURE walking through a mall. The smells are insanely delicious. I walked past a coffee shop and just stopped for a minute to take in the aroma of freshly ground coffee and hot croissants. It was worse in Pick n Pay: there’s the pre-prepped foods counter, with their curries and stews, to contend with, the roast chicken rotisserie not far away, and then, the killer punch, the heavenly smells coming from the bakery! Help me, I think I might quit this program...

    The upside is you get home and slice through a lemon and... aaah, that smell is just divine.

    Unsurprisingly, I felt rather peckish this evening, but it went away after a glass of lemonade.

    I drank about 3.5 litres of lemonade today.

    Energy up to about 7.5/10

    Weight still 71.6.

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  4. Heywood

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    Day 4/20
    I woke up with a mild headache this morning, which disappeared after I had a glass of water.

    Last night I had more vivid dreams - fresh, new dreams! I don’t remember having them before. And they were upbeat too. So cool. Now, if I can just recall them properly...

    The SWF thing happened for me this morning. The issue (literally) is no longer pending. I get it now. I won't elaborate, except to say you won't hear me going on about my improved sense of smell in THIS context. Urgh! I haven’t eaten anything for four days! Where does this gunk come from? Actually, nevermind...

    My energy levels were down today, around 6/10, probably.

    I seem to have settled on about 3 litres of lemonade a day. I still do the laxative tea in the evening, and I drink water when I'm simply thirsty, which is not that often.

    Weight is 71.6 for the second day in a row.

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  5. sharkfin

    Posts: 25

    Hi Heywood. Sounds like you're going great guns there - and its going to get easier and easier, believe me. I suspect a whole bunch of us have the same problem with the ol' SWF in the beginning but once it kicks in it certainly does. Haha. Your friend sounds like some great inspiration there, its a really good thing he got you going on and I hope it delivers the results you're after. While lots of folks are big on the weight thing the real treat is everything else that you never though could ever improve! Like you say, a clear and radiant skin is one of the most noticeable.

    Enjoy it man :) Good to see someone else posting here too...what is it with all you saffas out there? I know you're doing it...haha

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  6. Heywood

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    Day 5/20
    Thanks for the encouragement sharkfin! Nice to hear from you. Things good your side?

    All good this side...

    Despite feeling a little low on energy yesterday evening, I went to gym. I spent 440 kCal in 40 mins on the stationary bike and rowing machine, at about 60% of my exertion level. I felt strong, and could have pushed much harder, but I’m taking it easy while on the Master Cleanse. I was careful to stretch properly afterwards, too.

    I didn’t have those perky dreams again last night, and woke up a bit stiff this morning with the tendon that runs up the side of my neck a little sensitive. It usually gives me kak when I'm stressed, that tendon.

    I did the usual biz this morning, not much to report. The SWF worked as it should, things have gotten routine now.

    I do crave a snack every now and again, and drool when someone in the next timezone fries onions. I went out and bought some Peppermint Herbal Tea, though, just to spoil myself (every other day!) for being such a good boy. :-)

    Oh, some cusps between my teeth and gums hurt while brushing my teeth last night and this morning. I was concerned about it, as it is in areas that have never hurt before. I wrote to lemonhead about it, told him I was planning to get Sensodyne to address the problem, but he quickly replied:
    “No, NEVER use Sensodyne. And especially not while on MC – in fact, use NOTHING! This includes toothpaste, deodorant etc. I used to have sensitive teeth problems - receding gums - but that problem is gone now. Detoxing will affect all areas, especially skin. Remember your skin continues on the inside as well... i.e. your gums are also skin, and skin is your biggest detox/elimination organ!”

    OK, so’ll I’ll take it easy when brushing, maybe soften the bristles under hot water.

    We have gloomy, low, misty, wet weather in Kaapstad today. I love it. But I’m feeling the cold more easily than usual. Time to soak in a bath for decadent length of time...

    My energy level sneaked up to around 7 today, I’m feeling good.

    Weight 70.8, down 0.8 kg from yesterday.

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  7. Heywood

    Posts: 41

    Day 6/20
    Down to an easy routine now.

    I was down on energy today – physical energy, that is – down to about 5.5/10. But mentally, I feel more alert.

    Had stronger cravings to snack in the evening, but one just has to vasbyt.

    Was tired and ready for bed a few hours earlier than usual. The cold weather perhaps?

    I drank much less lemonade today (1.5 litres) and had more plain water instead.

    Weight: 69.9, down 0.9 kg from yesterday.

    Boring entry, hey? From now on I’ll report only when something more interesting happens.


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  8. Heywood

    Posts: 41

    Day 7/20
    Went for a vigourous 6km, 1-hour walk along the Seapoint promenade this afternoon in cold and blustery conditions. I felt a little knackered for the rest of the day.

    The white tongue story: I’ve forgotten to mention that my tongue has been coated white since day one. I DID notice that it went pink for a few hours after I did a 1-minute rinse with Corsodyl mouthwash - which might prove that the white coating is caused by bacteria. Whether it's good or bad bacteria, I don't know. Is there a tongue doctor in the house?

    Weight: 70kg

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  9. Heywood

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    Day 8/20
    Followed the same procedure as every night (Dinner for One, anyone?) but woke up with a slight tummy ache. On the loo I passed a tidy number two - even before my SWF. On Day 8! I hate to think how and where this crap hides away in the colon, and what effect this might have on one’s body.

    Gymmed in the evening, about 530 kCal in 60 minutes, felt strong, but went to bed with a headache a few hours later. Did the exercise trigger a release of toxins? Or was I a little dehydrated? I remember reading somewhere that 65% of headaches are a mild form of dehydration.

    Still having the occasional cravings for snacks.

    Weight: 69.4kg

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  10. Heywood

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    Day 9/20
    Ran out of lemons last night, so drank water only this morning. Surprisingly, it makes a nice change! I might try doing water only every morning and see what effect it has.

    After a week of low, cold, wet weather, we were blessed with a stunner of a day in Cape Town today. I headed off to the beach around 2.30pm and spent an hour and a bit in the sun - 35 minutes a side. :-) I’m paper white at the moment and I read in Dr. Hebert M. Shelton's Fasting Can Save Your Life that one should get a mild dose of sun every day. But the sun was weak today - the middle of winter is only a month away – so I had absolutely no hint of sunburn, not even a blush.

    I went shopping for lemons and more spring water, and on an impulse bought a dozen limes, just for a change. And a pleasant change it is! I think it’s a much smoother, more sophisticated taste. But more expensive too. Limes are R56 a kilo and lemons R7.95 a kilo at Pick n Pay.

    I had a mild headache going to bed this evening and I forgot to drink the laxative tea.

    Weight: 69.5

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  11. Heywood

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    Day 10/20
    HALFWAY! And honestly, I feel great. It makes me wonder WHY ON EARTH DO WE EAT SO MUCH?? If I can get by for so long with so little, it seems crazy to eat so much when I’m NOT doing an MC. Okay, granted, I don’t have the energy to cycle up Kloofnek Road right now, but still, I’m wondering how I can regulate the food I eat more directly in accordance with the energy I spend. Pity we don’t have fuel tank indicators on our bodies that let us know when we don’t need to eat; something that lets us know that the big meal we had on Sunday will last us till next Friday, especially if we’re only going to sit on our bum all week. :-)

    My SWFs are still not “clear.” No bulk, but still deeply yellow (to start with) and stinky. (TMI? Sorry ‘bout that). Can they ever get totally clear? We shall see.

    An interesting development today was that I had no cravings at all. But I didn’t go gallivanting about a shopping centre today, so perhaps this had something to do with having no cravings?

    I felt sharp all day today, mentally. I was at the computer most of the day writing articles and doing business admin. I was easily able to concentrate the whole time and I was in a great mood too - perhaps the second beautiful day in a row had something to do with it. But then again, maybe it's the Master Cleanse.

    I had no compunction stealing a couple of hours to go to the beach, and I returned to my work afterwards.

    My energy is still up, at about 7.5/10. I went to my Wednesday evening class, which was quite a physical today, and we had great fun. It is 23:15 now and I’m still typing away.

    My tongue is still white. But my eyes are clear, and the condition of skin is much better than when I started the Cleanse.

    Weight: 69.2 kg.

    All good at this point :-)

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  12. Mike

    Posts: 226

    Hello Heywood, good to hear you're doing well. Funny thing is most people only do the 10 days, and personally I feel that that's when the real benefits are only just beginning to mainfest!

    I think you'll find all bowel movements remain yellow (essentially bile) and 'clear' would equate to bright, almost lumo yellow in that case. Urine, however is another story and a good indicator of toxin elimination. As for what lurking in your bowels and how long its been there, who knows! This is why its called the Master Cleanse - just be grateful its finally out. hehe :)

    Why do we eat so much? Good question. I think we do have 'fuel tank indicators' on our bodies, its just that they are so gunj'd up we can't see or feel them anymore. Part of the MC is getting them working again - and when you're back to eating you will notice that new sensitivity with respect to your stomach. The 'full' indicator also lags about 10-15 minutes behind us so we tend to overfill first and realise second. It's why eating slowly is so much better for you. And as for the 'empty' indicator (hunger) I don't think most people have ever actually felt that since they eat by the clock, by habit and for the continued stimulation of the mouth and taste buds. When food contains a lot of stimulants (as opposed to nutrients) we just keep shovelling it in.

    20 days on the MC will definitely give you back an awareness and clearer perspective on food and eating again.

    Don't worry about the white tongue, its a good sign. Try and avoid introducing poisons (mouthwash) till you're over the cleanse. Bacteria are good too and we live symbiotically with them, its only when they get out of control that they are 'bad'. A bit of bad breath is likewise a good elimination sign. One way or another your body is fully equipped to deal with all the bacteria, provided you keep it clean and functioning well -- not constantly overloaded with digestion and toxemic issues.

    Hang in there and don't overdo the exercise, you are detoxing now and give your body the space to do its thing with as little added stress as possible - long walks on the beach are good. There will be plenty of time for the gym etc once you're done and raring to go.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences, I am sure it will help and encourage a lot of people to take the same positive steps to restoring their health and vitality. And find out for themselves how easy it is, and how good it feels.

    Take it easy, but take it... ;)

    "I am responsible - the creator of my own experience."
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  13. Heywood

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    Day 11/20

    Thanks Mike. Nice to hear from you. Yup, I'm taking it easy. No heroics from my side ;-)

    I didn’t sleep 100% last night after a very energetic day 10! So I’m a little “slow” today, by comparison.

    Weight: 69.0

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  14. Heywood

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    Day 12/20

    Feeling a little weak and wobbly today, almost clumsy.

    Resting heart rate: 49 BPM.

    Tongue still white!

    Weight: 68.8

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  15. Heywood

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    Day 13/20

    Felt fris again today. Gymmed this evening: 606 kCal in 60 mins cardio at 65%, plus some basic toning.

    Went to bed with a headache. Can’t be dehydration, I’m drinking gallons of water and lemonade! Does the gymming trigger a release of toxins?

    Weight: 68.7

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  16. Heywood

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    Day 14/20

    Not very energetic today, after last night’s gym session, and concentration down to about 7/10.

    Tongue whiter than ever! But not worried about it. I brush my teeth more often during The Cleanse (4 to 5 times a day) and I've taken to NOT using toothpaste – an odd side-effect of this regimen?

    Weight: 67.9

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  17. Heywood

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    Day 15/20

    I suspect my gallon (3785 ml) of Maple Syrup is not going to last me the full 20 days, because I’ve been having between 8 and 10 glasses on average per day. So for the last few days I’ve been doing water only in the mornings. It works nicely, because after the SWF I’m always damn thirsty.

    Weight: 67.8

    Posted 11 years ago #
  18. Heywood

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    Day 16/20 (26 May 2009)

    My concentration level is back up again, but still down on the energy front and feeling some general aches and pains in my neck and lower back.

    Still doing the SWFs every day; nothing remarkable to report, it’s all going the way it’s supposed to.

    I must also say: everything we’re told in the books (both the Burroughs book and Mike’s book) is true! Nothing has happened to me on this Cleanse that has not been covered and explained in the books.

    The sun is out today (after some sunless days) so I sneaked out for an hour of sun after lunch. Felt GREAT! The sun feels like food when you’re on a Cleanse. And it’s only a month to the middle of winter now, so there’s little chance of getting sunburned.

    Went to gym this evening. Easy-going cardio session, 631 kCal in 64 mins.

    Weight: 67.9

    Posted 11 years ago #
  19. karen_c

    Posts: 47

    So Heywood - what happened? ...did you finish the twenty days? How are you doing? Don't leave us in suspense! :)

    Posted 11 years ago #
  20. Heywood

    Posts: 41

    Hello Karen!

    DISTRACTIONS happened! :-) But I kept on with my MC! The notes I kept will follow immediately. Thanks for your encouragement. It is much appreciated. :-D

    Posted 11 years ago #

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