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Day 15 and going strong

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  1. nowornever

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    So, made it to day 15 and will carry on until my maple syrup is finished (which I estimate to be in +- 6 days)

    Mike, how exactly do I do the whole orange juice and vegetable broth story when retuning to food? If I finish the cleanse on day 21, do I have 3 days of orange juice and 3 days of vegetable broth? I understand the theory on fasting for 10 days - 21 days has got me a little confused.

    Thanks :)

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  2. Mike

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    Hey hey...Well done! You are approaching the phase now when all of a sudden everything kinda slips into 'the zone' where this whole routine becomes so normal you don't even think about it anymore and can operate just as you always did normally. It usually happens somewhere around days 18-21 and you start feeling that this is how you're living now! Its a bit addictive.

    Anyway, the coming-off instructions in my book are kinda rough guidelines and definitely on the conservative side. The reason is its just in case the person reads nothing else or knows nothing else. I would say - orange juice for about the first two days and then vegetable broth for lunch and dinner on the third day. Sip the orange juice slowly and roll it around in your mouth like you're "chewing" it to get saliva digestion happening. Dilute it or mix a bit of lemon or grapefruit in if its too sweet (it was for me).

    Move to more solid soup bits (still soft) on the next day for the whole day and then back to food thereafter, BUT take it easy in the beginning - no "heavy" foods for a bit - they will clog your bowels so fast (meat, starches (cooked potatoes, cooked mielies), fried food, sugar and refined flour based foods like bread, pasta and dairy milk, creams, cheeses etc). Stay with fresh foods at least a week if you can, invent really rich salads with raw veg like peas, sugar snap peas, carrots etc - organic if you can. I don't know where you live but try and seek some organic stuff out, in Joburg and Cape Town there are organic markets.

    Main principles: keep it light, ramp it up, keep portions small and nibble your way back. Eat raw as much as possible, water-based foods should ideally become the bulk of your diet (raw fruit/veg). Its not easy in the day-to-day world out there but its worth it and the benefits of the MC will continue.

    Try and avoid the above mentioned "heavy stuff" forever! Hehe :) You have made a significant break in old habits now, build on it for your future. Your body is all you have and health is never appreciated until its lacking. This is forever and the MC is like a little reset button. Use it and your new-found taste sensitivity (you will notice it) to your best advantage. What you eat now is what your body will be made out of in the next 7 years. Take it slow, experiment slowly, and find what works for you.

    Also, when you eat something you are not sure of, wait about 15 mins and you will feel the effect it has on you (eg. pasta, starch, meat, cream, bread = heavy 'concrete' feeling in gut). Listen to your body, you will find you are far more sensitive to how things feel in your digestive system than before, this is your most valuable guide on the road ahead, especially with regard to food. Find your own way and experiment, ignore "diets" and other fad/'popular' theories and opinions, go with what seems to attract you, and feel what happens when you try it. Try not to add any spices for a while, pepper, oils, salt and sugar especially. They create cravings and focus your 'eating' on the stimulating taste sensations in your mouth, not on what your body needs. They simply disguise 'bad'/dead/cooked foods which are bland and totally lacking flavour and goodness - that's the reason we make sauces, gravies and spices for all cooked meals! Don't dress salads either, learn to taste everything again and try plant foods you haven't before or didn't like before (especially when they're raw, for example - raw sweetcorn kernels vs cooked: a world of difference and no stodgy dead starch!)

    Keep it simple, keep it pure and focus on what's really important - building a lifetime of health and vitality. You have taken an enormous step forward, well done! Now, stay focussed and build on it...your journey continues. did it go with the smoking?


    "I am responsible - the creator of my own experience."
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  3. karen_c

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    Woweeee! Way to go nowornever! You must be feeling great! I guess I can't add much to what Mike had to say above but let me say he's so right about what you eat next. The benefits of the Master Cleanse will just keep happening for a while, so imagine that you're a child again and discovering this whole new thing called food and eating!

    They say it takes 21 days to break a habit, so there you go! Most of your habits are almost broken, so ditch the bad ones and start steps.

    Congratulations!!! I bet you are proud of yourself, tell us about the changes you've felt or that you're feeling, I'd really love to read about them...

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  4. nowornever

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    Thanks guys!

    I have no desire to go back to anything soaked in fats or anything sugary (weird!), although I still miss my salmon sashimi and fashion sandwiches :)

    I occasionally find myself being a little concerned about gaining the weight back (I've lost 7kg's so far), but am confident that this experience has been a springboard to a new and improved eating lifestyle. Went out for drinks with a whole bunch of friends last night, who were all super supportive (in fact, everyone has been great about what I'm doing) and I didn't even look at the food or crave a G 'n T (my personal poison of choice). Stuck to bottled water and had a great time.

    Like Mike said, the cleanse has become a normality in my life now and I don't even think about it anymore. It is the way it is and that's it!

    I didn't measure myself before starting, but I'm swimming in my clothes. YES PLEASE!!! New wardrobe here we come!

    A little tired the last 2 days and I've picked up a kilo, but it's not fazing me. My body obviously needs to do what it needs to do and I'm okay with that.

    Upwards and onwards then!!

    Wishing everyone all the best on their personal cleanse experience.

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  5. Mike

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    That's great to hear. Honestly, weight control all comes down to eating (and moderate exercise). Use how you feel now to the maximum while its fresh and experiment with new stuff, especially raw food - veg and fruit - it has everything you need. Juicing and green smoothies are a really good way to get nutrients in when your body is at its most receptive.
    I find that the killer weight gain things for me are carbs - the bad ones (refined flour based stuff, breads and beers etc) - and sugar based stuff, and I can see the change immediately after a weekend with friends where I have a few beers. Oils and fatty foods not so much in weight gain but they wreak internal havoc.
    Its really difficult to make big changes in something like diet which has been a lifelong development, so take it easy, it will take a while and you will slip. But don't get discouraged, even when you fail. I am just over a year into that and I can't say I'm done yet - still things that I crave and I indulge a bit - but then try and discipline myself portion wise. Over the year my cravings have boiled down to a few things - blue cheese (my only dairy now apart from unpasturised yoghurt), biltong, chips/snacky fries, chocolate, beer, chicken and seafood. Most fall into the two major food drug categories: Salt and Sugar.
    But you've got to find what works for you, go easy on yourself and just keep getting up. This is for the rest of your life now, you are trying to build new habits, not go on a 'diet' which will drive you crazy with deprivation.
    The weight will keep dropping slowly after the MC if you eat wisely and consciously. You have given yourself an incredible fresh start, and you have the right mindset now to move forward positively. And whenever you need a correction - a ten day cleanse will help, refresh and re-orientate :)

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