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Day 5 of my first MC

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  1. lefelas

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    I was skeptical when i first heard of this, then i decided to open my mind and read about it. So far the best decision i have ever made. My husband teased me and said he should warn his medical aid co that he might have a hospital case. I was scared of the 1st 3 days because everything i had read warned about that. But to tell the truth it was a bliss. i even thought that maybe i was doing something wrong. Day 1 it was friday i was at work, had a mild diariha and a headach. Day 2 i woke up at 4.30 am and did a spring cleaning of the house, something i had never done in my life, i felt great. Around noon i just had a mild headach which didn't bother me because its my life, i buy headach pills with my grocery (but i didn't take any). Day 2 was my daughter's birthday, i didn't have even a slightest temptation to cheat. Day 3-Sunday i woke with a bad rush on my face (i have problem free skin) sort of like measles, a bit itchy, but i still felt great, the headach was gone. Day 4 - back to work, normal day, but no headach, i felt high, but the canker sore which i had a month ago had reappeared in my mouth at excatly the same spot. Day 5 the rush is begining to clear, i still feel like a million $ and i have decided not to stop at day 10 and see how far i can take it. thanks to all of you because i got the courage to start from this site. Oh ya and my husband has decided to join me.

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  2. Mike

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    Hi lefelas - sounds like you're on top of it there - you are experiencing quite normal detox symptoms and its great you are sticking with it: they are the signs that all is working well!! Your skin is a major organ of elimination and that is the meaning rash outbreak. It will all pass soon, even the canker sores (which are outbreaks on your "internal" skin) and headaches.

    Too many people give up at this point when in fact its exactly what should be happening! As you now know these are all temporary symptoms while the toxins are mobilised and as soon as your body has rid itself of those toxins you will just feel better and better. Your body is in charge and it knows exactly what to do and how to do it...the Master Cleanse regimen just allows us to keep out of the way and let it get on with it.

    I'm glad to see you are already inspiring people! Most people find out about how well the Cleanse works by seeing and hearing for themselves the amazing changes in their friends/family members and you're obviously setting a really good example :)

    Keep going, you have the right attitude and you are beginning to feel the benefits now that all those toxins are clearing. This feeling will just keep getting better until you have a whole new respect for your body :)

    "I am responsible - the creator of my own experience."
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