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Kira Moon's Tips for keeping the weight off...

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  1. Mike

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    1. Commit to breaking the Fast right for your continued good health and so you do not make yourself ill.
    2. Stick with a support group for support! The BB is great for this.
    3. The Raw Foods section of the BB has many wonderful threads for support. Recipes are shared for the Raw Foods, veggie, and smoothie life styles. Check it out! Res started another wonderful thread called: "After the Cleanse" for support and to share recipes.
    4. Remember you are in control of how you care for your body. Commit and reaffirm (daily if necessary) to love yourself more and take better care. You have come this far, continue on the journey to a healthier lifestyle.
    5. Decide and chose a healthier lifestyle that will maintain your renewed health. Choices: Raw Foods, Vegetarian, some modified version of one or both. Find out what foods types you are allergic to and leave them alone entirely or have on rare occasions. For example, I am allergic to gluten and dairy. These foods give me gas and bloat me up adding tremendous pounds of water and fat fast! If you are allergic, your body is trying to tell you something! Leave it alone or suffer the consequences!

    What to DO:
    1. After a long fast, you need to stick with liquid forms for a while.
    2. You may continue with lemonades for breakfast and lunch. Juice fruits for meals and snacks.
    3. Make a veggie soup and drink the liquid. Test your tummy to see if you are ready for solids by having just a little of the veggies and wait an hour or so to see how you feel.
    4. I can actually eat watermelon when I come off without juicing it. See if it works for you after a few days.
    5. When you stop the MC, be certain to STOP taking the lax tea and SWF. It is safe to use the SWF on occasion while not cleansing though. You should give your body a chance to go back to its normal functions first.
    6. Take probiotics as soon as you end the MC to help restore healthy levels in your colon. Peter sells a good brand on this website.
    7. Drink green smoothies and other yummy kinds. See Raw Foods sections for threads with recipes.

    How Many Days do you do this?
    Haven't seen the answer to this written anywhere. After my 42 Day MC, I stayed on a modified MC for a couple of weeks. I had lemonades for breakfast and lunch and had veggies and fruits and nuts for dinner (all raw). You can keep weight off and continue to lose more this way.

    When you first eat solids again. Go slowly. Test small amounts first to see if your tummy rumbles and you feel nauseous or have diarrhea. This means it could be too soon or the wrong foods. Your body will let you know by rebelling if you eat solids too soon. I suggest sticking with liquid forms of fruits and veggies for several days before eating solids. I also highly recommend that you avoid meats and dairy at all costs for a couple weeks or longer...preferably never again or on rare occasions. I have found that raw almonds are gentle on the system once you start eating solids. Remember that meats, dairy and gluten foods create mucous and are more difficult to process.


    1. Stick with vegetarian and or raw Life Style as much as possible. I incorporate both and have seafood on some occasions. Nope, haven’t given it up yet.
    2. Embrace an active Life Style. You must move your body to keep it healthy. Walking as a minimum is great
    3. Drink water daily
    4. Watch the scale and continue to take your measurements to see if you start to add any pounds or inches. Give yourself a limit as your “RED LIGHT WARNING!” If you gain more than 5 pounds, you are heading for trouble. Make adjustments right away!
    5. If you eat or drink something and your abdomen bloats up big, you have eaten something you may want to leave alone. On the other hand, decide you are going to enjoy it and make some adjustments for the next few days to make up for it. Like drink lemonades and walk more. I do this. Sometimes I just have to have a couple of rugala or whatever I am lusting for and I know the consequences for this. I go back to the MC & SWF or a modified version of it to clean it out and maintain my weight.
    6. So, WATCH THE SIGNS your body provides to let you know you have eaten something that disagrees with it. This usually means that you are allergic to it. The signs are your abdomen bloating, gas, burping, hacking up phelm, etc. Just watch to see what yours are…you know what they are! Oh yes…and diarrhea! Can’t ignore that one.
    7. Learn to just have a bite/taste of “other foods” and not an entire portion. I have learned to enjoy just one small piece or square of chocolate instead of the whole bar or bag!
    8. You will become more sensitive to foods after doing the MC long-term. Watch for new signs or signs from foods that did not previously bother you. I had an allergic reaction to one small bite of a scallop and it took weeks for my face to clear! YIKES! This had never happened to me before. A good lesson for me to leave seafood alone, right!
    9. You will need help and support as you work to create and embrace a new & healthier Life Style. Surround yourself with supportive and like-minded people for that support. The BB section on the Raw Food Life Style section has several Threads as mentioned above with support. LEMONHEADS continue to support each other.
    10. Continue to keep a journal and RECOMMIT DAILY to your new LIFE STYLE! Do whatever inspires you.

    "I am responsible - the creator of my own experience."
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  2. cherlin21

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    I have finished the cleanse. It was brilliant!I think it was easier being on the fast then trying to find food to eat now.
    Do yo have a eating plan you can suggest?
    My days are hectic, before the fast i never ate much during the day. Which is why the lemonade was such a blessing and easy to maintain.
    I have been off the fast for 4 days, and i dont know what to eat. I stare at the selves at woolies and cant figure out what to eat. I need easy and quick, but tasty.
    Any suggestions?

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  3. Mike

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    That question is answered in various posts around this forum...but the answer is to start learning, about food, about nutrition and about eating. Explore. Read some of the books recommended on the Links page. Experiment. Its something you're going to do all your life long and deserves all the attention you can give it. However its something you need to do for yourself. Make eating a conscious act, not a habitual, responsive or emotional one. Always be aware of what you're eating and take note of its effect on you afterwards. Your body (your physical feelings) will guide you. Appreciate the difference between physical and psychological feelings.

    Personally, I would recommend you go for fresh, raw food as far as possible. Whole foods. All the fruit you can eat. Learn to make rich, tasty and nutritious salads. Green smoothies and vegetable juices (sweetened with a little fruit) with lots and lots of dark green leafy stuff. The more you eat raw food, the more the need for it to be organic, seek it out. Avoid all the sugar-filled foods and drinks, dairy foods, animal flesh and by-products, flour-based foods (pasta, bread, cakes etc) and easy on the foods rich in fats and oils. You have to find a balance that works for you. Enjoy the natural flavours of foods and avoid spicing and flavouring (easy when food is raw, hard when its cooked). All "snacks" contain stimulants (esp salt and sugar), that's why they are so addictive - recognise this and why you like them. "Seasoning" only benefits cooked, dead or tasteless food - it adds nothing to delicious, fresh, raw food. Stay away from pre-packaged and preserved food, food with chemical colouring and flavouring, food in boxes, powdered food, food in cans, food that is produced in factories and is long since de-natured and dead. When you have no control of what's on offer, refrain from eating or restrict the amounts you eat. Remember your future body is being built from what you put inside your mouth today. Is it going to make you strong and healthy or weak and sick?

    Ignore all food advertising, merchandising and promotion, their goal is to get your money, they care nothing for your health. The food they sell is stuffed with stimulants, especially salt and sugar. Never buy anything to eat in a shop attached to a petrol station. Sugar is not a reward. Its not a treat. Its probably the most addictive and abused drug on the planet. Don't give your kids a bum steer. You are responsible for them and the habits they form before they can consciously exercise an educated choice. The same goes for your pets.

    Read the label. Be aware. Exercise control. The choice is always yours.

    Its not so easy to change a lifetime of habits, but keep moving towards a consciously chosen goal. Educate yourself to formulate your own goals. Avoid gimmicks, think nature. What if you were wandering around this planet twenty thousand years ago? What would you eat? What wouldn't you eat? What would attract you? Follow your senses...have fun, enjoy and love yourself whatever you do. Never lose sight of the goal of health and respect for your body, and the link between what you eat and how good you feel. Every day, every meal, every snack. But its got to work for you or you won't stick to it...

    In woolies making choices is easy - there are no more than one or two rows to consider, walk right past and ignore the rest, especially the crap in the q for the till :)

    Health comes from within. Nothing from outside can give it to you.

    Keep it clean.

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  4. Tsholop

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    Hi all. I have put on some of the weight I lost during the MC a few month back. I would love to do it for 15 days before xmas. I did my MC and my mixture didn't include the laxative tea at bed time and sea salt in the morning. I just drank my warm water with my MC mixture about 4 to 6 times a day. Is it neccessary for me to take any laxative tea and sea salt water?

    Posted 9 years ago #
  5. Mike

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    Hi Tsholop. You're not doing the Master Cleanse if you didn't do that. Its not just about a "mixture" - it is a very specific regimen to follow. Unfortunately there are a lot of people so blindly focussed on weight loss to the exclusion of everything else that they don't bother to get the proper instructions. Doing something like this without knowing exactly what you're doing is rather foolish and disrespectful to yourself and your body. Do so at your own risk. We have gone to a lot of trouble and expense to provide the information and means to do this properly so that people don't do themselves harm through ignorance, please take advantage of that.

    Weight gain is a symptom of improper eating. You will never "fix" that with a short-term diet. You need to address the cause and not the symptoms or you will simply create an eating disorder for yourself.

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  6. Tsholop

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    Hi Mike. I am starting over and cutting out junk food out of my diet. I will follow the MC to the book. Thanks for the advice.

    Posted 9 years ago #

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