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Doing the cleanse? Tell us how you're doing :)

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  • Started 13 years ago by LemonheadPat
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  1. A lot of people read the forums in search of support, or simply trying to find someone that is going through similar issues. I know I did!

    So, for all of those that are currently doing the MC, please feel free to let the rest of the forum know about your experiences.

    What day are you on? How do you feel? Have you encountered any obstacles? What was easy? What was hard? Have any advice for future MC'ers?

    Oh yeah, and if you are brave enough, why not post ur waist, hip & thigh measurements from before and after the cleanse. And maybe your starting & ending weights too.

    Just a suggestion :)

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  2. lefelas

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    Hi everyone, I first heard about the Master Cleanse few weeks back. I have been reading & researching about it and yesterday i made a decision to try it. Bought the ingredients and started today after i had a herbal tea last night. I am so scared. I am not really sure what to expect, whether i should take leave from work or warn the people around me in case something happens. From what i have read i am looking forward to a hectic, painful time which i am kind of scared of but still looking forward to. Please be with me in your prayers through this. I am scared of what i got myself in to.

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  3. Mike

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    Hello lefelas and welcome. No need to be scared if you've done your research and reading! If you bought a copy of my book then you'll have everything you need explained perfectly and simply day by day. I would recommend you just take it easy and relax over the weekend. most people find the first 2-3 days the hardest (more mental than physical) - just remember that the main principle here is that you're getting out of the way and leaving your body alone to do its work. Once it has gotten rid of all the gunk in there at the moment it will get down to the real business. So take it easy and relax...

    "I am responsible - the creator of my own experience."
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