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"Fake" Grade B Syrup? Friendly warning...

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  1. Annie

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    Hi all, just a warning. I went to a health shop to buy some Grade B to start another cleanse and even though they said they had it they gave me a bottle of the gold grade A syrup in a 250ml glass bottle. When I said it should be a black colour the owner said I was confusing it with molasses! She insisted this maple syrup was grade B but it didn't say so on the label. All it said was "Made in Canada" and "Canada No.1" (which, I now saw on this website means the same as Grade A in the USA)

    I looked it up on the Internet and found the bottle here:

    I wrote a review on their page about it but it never appeared. Censored maybe? Anyhoo, let the buyer beware as they say. I guess I'm back to ordering from Mike. I wish my local health store would stock it though (no offence Mike) - it would just be much so more convenient!

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  2. Mike

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    No offence taken Annie :) I wish all the health shops would stock it, that would make the MC more accessible to everyone and lead to more folks discovering the magic power of their own bodies...

    Yup, grade A syrups are all that golden colour, even the darker A grades. Its easy to tell the difference if the bottle is clear. Otherwise look for Grade B or Canada No.2 or 3 on the label. If it doesn't say Grade B or Canada No 3 it's not the right stuff. And make sure its Certified Organic and not rebottled either. Because the syrup is organic and has no preservatives its at high risk of contamination. Its least likely to be contaminated when bottled at the time and place of original manufacture (sap reduction), a process conducted entirely at a specific temperature - from sap to sealed packaging. Once it is exposed to air, all sorts of microorganisms can get growing in it. Thats why we import it ready packaged, and why it must be refrigerated after opening the seal.

    Unfortunately many stores do not want to stock the syrup as they say its 'too expensive'. Even when I explain the MC to them and show them that when you factor in the fact that you aren't buying food for ten days then the cost of the syrup is pretty minimal, (especially compared to some of the other stuff in the store) they are still reluctant. I guess you have to drive it from the customer demand side and keep asking them for it.

    There are some stores that do stock it though - maybe one is near you. Check out the list at

    Otherwise - hound them till they do :)

    "I am responsible - the creator of my own experience."
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  3. Mike

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    Here's an interesting blog post on the same topic - seems even the Americans have problems with "fake" grade B syrups ;)

    Posted 8 years ago #

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