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"Day 6 of school...and still going strong!"

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  • Started 8 years ago by Precious

  1. Precious

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    To those who weren't quite sure what it was I was embarking on, they are somewhat believers now.
    And 6 days later, so am I :D

    So though I dreamt of a lovely, elaborate buffet after my first day, it was incredible noting how I instintively kept asking myself kept asking myself; "what's for lunch? what's for supper", "by now I should be having a snack", etc. That's probably what led to my torturous dream.

    All the same, I am chugging through the SWF, loving the rush of the first glass of the day and this has got me so eager to see how I'll be feeling at the end of it.

    It definitely has made me energised, lighter, more bouncy and just more ALIVE!! :D

    I just want to thank Mike for the copy in the book. I read it at end of each day completed and it just encourages me to keep at it. I am so revved I believe I might just make it a monthly effort. But, nothing firmed up as yet.

    To everyone still doing there's keep at it

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