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My first Master Cleanse: Background and Day 2 :)

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  1. emme

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    Hi all

    I came across the Master Cleanse a few days ago while surfing the net. I got very excited because I've been wanting to do a detox (never done one before) and a fast for ages but didn't really come across something that stood out for me. Until I discovered MC. I started reading up on the websites, forums and posts from people on and this site. This made me very motivated and keen to start as soon as possible, and the holidays seemed a perfect time to start since I'm staying at home in Jozi.

    Obviously, the "hardest" thing about preparing for this is getting hold of the Grade B Maple Syrup, since it is imported and very expensive, and especially with this being the holiday period (Xmas time). Luckily, I saw on that the Fresh Earth Store in Emmarentia stocked it. So on Boxing Day (26 December 2012), I took a chance and phoned them up. And they were open! So off I went to buy the syrup, laxative tea and cayenne pepper. And when it came to the checkout, I got such a pleasant surprise to discover that everything in the shop was 25% off! Yay! :) That is a huge saving considering the MS costs R1090 normally.

    They didn't have cayenne pepper in bottles, only Solgar capsules. I just break these open and pour out the pepper. I hope that's okay. It certainly makes it easy to carry around. While I'm using bottled mineral/spring water, the lemons I'm using aren't organic, but are good quality Woolworths ones.

    So, what are my reasons/goals for doing the fast?

    1. I have had bloatedness for 3 years now, what started off intermittently but has been almost constant for just about 2 years. I have been to so many different kinds of health practitioners, homeopaths, Chinese doctors, gastroenterologist, kinesiologists, done a food elimination diet, etc. While some things have decreased the bloating, nothing has made it go away, and no-one can give me an explanation for it. It's just bloating with nothing else: no pain, flatulence, constipation or diarrhoea. And it doesn't seem triggered by any particular food, though eating a lot does increase the bloating. In fact, the time I tend to bloat up the most is in the morning after my first BM, 10-12 hours AFTER I've eaten anything! And no-one can explain this. Usually a BM DECREASES bloating.
    2. I've been looking for a while to do a fast (even a juice fast).
    3. When I did the food elimination diet last year, I had 2 mornings of waking up early and being completely alert. I realised then how things could be. And I'd love to experience that again.
    4. While I generally eat quite healthily (mainly vegetarian), don't smoke, have caffeine once a month if that, drink alcohol occasionally, I want to feel really good, clear and alert.
    5. I'd like my skin to look great, and be clear of any marks (if that's possible). I get a pimple every month or sometimes more often. And they often don't go away without leaving marks.
    6. I want to see what a detox will do to my body. In fact, I'm very curious!
    7. I know I fast well (I do 25-hour no-food, no-water fasts occasionally for religious reasons) so I'm not worried about being hungry.
    8. While I'm not overweight at all (I weigh 48-49kg), I'd like to go down to 46kg and lose the belly fat.
    9. I want to get back my Gummy Berry juice energy I used to have in my 20s (I'm now 39).
    10. I want to sleep better: fall asleep easier, at earlier times, sleep well, not need lots of sleep, and wake up refreshed and alert.
    11. I would like to reduce/stop cravings for sweet things.

    So, is there anyone else doing the MC at the moment?


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  2. Mike

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    Hi emme. Going through your list I can't see anything that wont be achieved with the Master Cleanse :) Just one semantic thing to keep in mind - nothing does anything "to" your body, least of all a "detox". It is your body that acts and 'detoxing' is what it does naturally and automatically in earnest when given the opportunity. This is the key principle at work here. Your body will be doing it all and when left to its own devices it unerringly improves itself - it's how it was constituted and it cannot do otherwise. The MC keeps 'you' (your mind) distracted and away from your usual feeding habits and allows all the power within you to operate undisturbed and with full force.

    When you're done you will have a good opportunity to test your 'regular' foods again, use it wisely. The MC teaches nothing if not how little you need to eat to feel good and function well. Try your 'usual' foods out - one at a time - and allow time to pass to see/feel their effects on you. The 'bloating' is but a symptom of something, more than likely one or more food types. Get your detective hat on and seek out the cause, when you find and remove it the symptoms will disappear. No other 'ologists' needed. Keep a proper diary so that you can see the cause and effect of how and what you eat and see if it delivers answers for you.

    In the meantime, rest, relax and take it easy :)

    "I am responsible - the creator of my own experience."
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  3. emme

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    Thanks Mike for all your info and advice!

    Finding out what foods/food types are (hopefully) causing my bloatedness is the main reason I was looking for a fast to do. When I did the food elimination diet a year and a half ago, it was done using the book "Diet Wise" by Prof Keith Scott-Mumby. He said that if the diet fails, then to consider a fast. So that's what's been at the back of my mind for a while. He also mentioned how important it is to introduce one food at a time after the fast, which is what I plan to do.

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  4. emme

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    The main thing that concerns me is IF my bloating is due to some food or group of foods, what if the foodstuff happens to be glucose or lemon juice, something I'm having all the time?

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  5. emme

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    Now that it's the evening of day 4, I thought I'd put a summary here of the first 4 days. I'm keeping a much more detailed journal for myself.


    I tried to eat mainly raw vegetables and fruit - vegie juice, salads. Though I did have a lot of a friend's homemade chocolate balls in the evening... I also bought the maple syrup, cayenne pepper and Senna powder (for the laxative tea) from the Fresh Earth store in Emmarentia. Too my most pleasant surprise, they were having a 25% off sale that day! That's a big saving when you know how much 2 litres of maple syrup cost (over R1000!).

    When I came home (very late), I had a cup of laxative tea made from the senna powder.

    DAY 1

    Got up around 8:30am. Had normal bowel movement (BM) shortly after getting up. Weighed myself - 48.5kg. Then had the salt water flush (SWF) just before 9am. Took me a while to drink it all. Helps to be doing something else, like reading. But didn’t feel nauseous or anything. Since I had first tried the SWF on Monday morning to see what it was like, and it took about 1.5-2 hours to have an effect, I thought I’d go for a short jog/walk. I ended up just walking very fast for about 40 minutes. However, the effects of the SWF came on much sooner than 2 hours, probably because I was being very active. I only just made it home in time! This was around 10am.

    I didn’t really have further BMs during the day. Just sometimes when I went for a wee, there was some watery expulsion at the same time.

    I probably had my 1st glass of lemonade around 10:45am. I wasn’t hungry before then and I prefer to eat when I’m hungry. I can usually go for a long time in the morning without eating as long as I’m drinking something. I used a whole capsule of cayenne pepper, reasoning that since it contains 0.5g, this equates to 1/10 of a teaspoon (which is what the recipe calls for). Boy was the lemonade spicy hot! Afterwards, I poured out the capsule into a measuring spoon and it seemed to equal ¼ of a teaspoon. So now I’ll have half a capsule per glass. It’s still quite spicy. But nice. The maple syrup is absolutely delicious!

    At 11:30am I went out to visit a friend. I thought I'd only be there for an hour and then go and get more lemons and water. But I ended up staying at her til 2:30pm, which meant I didn’t have any of my lemonade with me. So I just drank water and had real mint tea (straight from the garden). So I did get hungry. Only got home at 4pm. Then had 2 glasses of lemonade, not downing them. I prepared a mixture of lemon juice and maple syrup for the remaining 3 glasses, storing it in the cayenne pepper dark glass jar (Solgar).

    Had a further glass around 6:30pm. Then went to visit friends. I took the mixture with, along with a cayenne capsule. I drank the last 2 glasses there.

    When I came home (rather late almost midnight), I had the senna tea.

    I must admit that I have been getting hungry, partly because I didn’t have the lemonade mixture with me, and partly because I’m not constantly drinking water when I feel hungry. I do think about food at times, at least feeling empty and wanting food. Seeing food makes me think of it and want it. I hope this feeling will pass. Perhaps if I drank more than the 6 glasses of lemonade it would help. But I only have enough maple syrup for 6 glasses a day. Perhaps I need to make more mint (herbal) tea.

    I know that days 2 and 3 are the most difficult, but I think they won’t be as hard for me because I’m not a food addict. I don’t drink caffeine or smoke. I eat to live, not live to eat. I’m actually hoping to have detox symptoms because I don’t think I’ve ever really experienced them. At least if I have detox symptoms, then I know something is working! So actually looking forward to that. Since I hardly ever gets colds/flu/headaches, I don’t really expect to get those. But maybe skin breakouts...

    The first day has been fine. But I also expected it to be fine because I’ve done full fasts for 25 hours (no food and no water) for religious reasons. And I know I fast well. Plus I can handle the feeling of being hungry. I haven’t been tired (or more tired than usual). But the lack of food has been getting to me.

    So the trick to this fast is to get prepared. And preparing the lemon juice/maple syrup mixture is a big help. I hope to only have to prepare a mixture for 3 glasses at a time.

    I’m really looking forward to a few days’ time when I hopefully will get that alert feeling. I experienced that 1.5 years ago when I did the food elimination diet.

    Some things I’ve learned are helpful: roll the uncut lemon on the table surface back and forth with the palm of your hand to soften it. This makes the juicing much easier.

    While the water I’m using is spring/mineral water, purchased in 5-litre plastic containers, and the cayenne pepper is very good quality (Solgar), and the maple syrup is Grade B made by Coombs farm, the lemons I’m using are the ones from Woolworths. Good quality but not organic. And I’m fine with that.

    Expectations of day 2: Not much in my morning BM. And I don’t think the SWF will do much other than expel a lot of water. Hope to experience some differences compared to day 1.

    DAY 2

    Was woken up at 6:10am by bad stomach cramps. Went to sit on the loo and eventually had BM. More like pellets. There was a burning as I passed the watery BM, probably from all the cayenne pepper. I hope that it won’t be serious in the future.

    Went back to bed. Had some more stomach cramps around 7am. Managed to fall back asleep until 9am. I wonder if the cramps came from the Senna tea. I don’t want to be woken up 6 hours after having the tea, because this will always be in the middle of my sleep time. Weight - 47.9kg. So down 600g from previous day. Since I picked up a kilogram in the previous week, I see this as returning to the weight I was at.

    Drank the SWF at 9:30-9:45am. Didn’t go out as didn’t want to take a chance. Around 10:30am, started feeling movements. When I went to the loo, it was more like brown water. Also saw very bright yellow! The MC forum says that that’s bile.

    I didn’t feel so bloated when I woke up. But late morning I was very bloated. I’m guessing from all the water in the SWF which I don’t think left my system completely. Maybe only half was expelled.

    Tongue has very light brown/yellow coating on it. Never seen that before. Found pimple in my right nostril, same place as a few weeks ago. I assume that's a detox symptom.

    Didn’t get hungry til midday. Was drinking water until then. Had first glass of lemonade around 12:20pm. I’m going to try saving the lemonade for the 2nd half of the day to have when I get hungry. If I get hungry in the morning, will have then. But so far the mornings are fine.

    Had 2nd glass while visiting friends, around 3-3:30pm. Drank a lot of water as well. Had 3rd glass while visiting another friend around 5:00pm. Had 4th glass around 6:30pm. Last 2 glasses at a friend's dinner table in the night. That was a bit challenging - watching everyone eat what looked to me like a very delicious meal! But luckily had my lemonade to sip on.

    I've still been getting hungry. Sipping the lemonade certainly helps though it’s hard not to drink in one go. Sipping water also helps.

    Either because my body really wants food, or maybe because my sense of smell has become heightened, but boy could I smell rice and chicken cooking, and all other food! Really hard! I also managed to get through sitting through a table of people eating supper and dessert. I’m hoping that soon I won’t be getting hungry.

    Had cup of senna tea before bed, around 12:15am.

    DAY 3

    Was woken 4 hours later at 4:20am with medium cramps which got stronger, leading to being on the loo half an hour later. I went back to bed, cramps continued, back to the loo. Luckily, it's holiday time (and the weekend) so I was able to keep trying to fall asleep, though I was disturbed from time to time. I dreamt that I had eaten or drunken something accidentally. I think I dreamt about food!

    When I eventually got up, it was 10am. Didn't feel too rested or awake or alert. But after getting up, I felt fine and awake.

    Weight: 47.5 kg (so 1kg lost over 2 days... but then again I had put this on in the previous week).

    Drank SWF 10:30-10:45am. An hour later had some expulsion, but not as much as I thought I had drunken. I was also feeling thirsty so drank water.

    Had my 1st glass of lemonade around 12:15pm. 2nd glass around 2pm. Started 3rd glass around 4pm. Finished it close to 6pm. I do get hungry, but sipping the lemonade instead of drinking it all at once helps. I’m hoping that tomorrow I won’t get hungry as much.

    Still feeling awake and normal energy. No detox symptoms or anything. But bloating is still there. Read the fasting section in “Diet Wise” and Dr Keith Scott-Mumby says that a person needs to go at least 4 days on the fast before seeing a reaction. So hopefully on Monday should notice something, otherwise I’m going to get a bit despondent about the bloating.

    Been medium-bloated this afternoon. Worried that the glucose in the maple syrup may be something that causes my bloatedness and it's something I’m constantly having...

    Something which happened a lot today, but only a little yesterday: When I made a wee, it’s like I also peed out my bum...

    Gave away all my fresh food in the fridge - lovely vegetables and fruit. That was hard to do, but it's better than looking at it each time I open my fridge.

    Had 4th glass of lemonade at 6:30pm. Had 5th glass while at Europa with friends. Not easy watching people eat. Even reading the menu makes me want to eat! Had 6th glass at 11:15pm at home.

    Energy levels during the day were good. No tiredness.

    Didn’t do senna tea.

    Hope to have a good night’s sleep. Need to wake up early (7am) so that I can do my SWF and experience its effects before going to the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens... Hope tomorrow is okay with loo-stuff.

    DAY 4

    Took me a while to fall asleep last night. My mind was active and I wasn’t feeling that tired. Had lots of dreams, some involving me eating food and realising I had broken the fast. This happened at least twice! Was relieved when I realised it hadn’t really happened as I would have to start all over again!

    Because I knew I had to wake up early, I think I was more restless in sleeping. So when the alarm went off, I didn’t feel all alert and awake. But after getting up 5 minutes later, it wasn’t so bad.

    Since I hadn’t had the laxative tea, I had no BM in the morning, so weighed myself after getting out of bed. At first the scale said 47.2kg. Then a few minutes later I weighed myself again and it said 47.3kg. And then after making a wee, it said 47.4kg!!! I can’t understand that. So hard to say what I lost, if anything.

    Had the SWF 7:18-:7:30am. Did a stint of running up and down the stairs as light exercise to help move the bowels along cos I need to leave soon for the Botanic Gardens. First BM at 8:15am. Not that much liquid it seems. I wonder if a lot of the SWF water is being retained by my body...

    I made a mixture of lemon juice and maple syrup for 3 glasses of lemonade. Took 1.5 litres of water with me and cayenne pepper. Went with friends to the Botanic Gardens. We started with the hike to the top of the waterfall so I took 500ml water with me. Only had planned to do a short walk so didn’t take lemonade with. Ended up doing a 2-hr medium hike in the full hot sun. While I got a few hunger pangs along the way, I sipped my way through the 500ml water. And had plenty energy. Great for not having had any calories for almost 12 hours!

    After the hike sipped through 2 glasses of lemonade from 12:15pm. On the way home drank the 3rd glass around 2:30pm.

    When I got home around 3:45pm, made cup of fresh mint tea. Was hungry so made glass of lemonade. Been drinking it slowly cos I want to make it last. Lying horizontal on the couch. Lots of sun and exercise today so I feel a bit pooped. Though my eyes and thoughts are alert. It’s not like I want to have a nap... Watching MC YouTube videos.

    Still no detox symptoms. No improvements as far as I can tell. Bloating is still there but it’s mild. Still get hunger pangs, probably cos not constantly sipping water. Still look at food and people eating and wanting to eat. Everything looks yum. Just reading food words makes me want to eat! It’s not that I’m hungry per se but I do feel like eating. Kinda feel deprived. And it’s not like I was such an unhealthy eater before! So this is a bit hard but I hope it passes.

    People keep telling me that they could never do the fast. I tell them that if they really wanted to, they could.

    Since I'm no longer doing the Senna tea as a laxative (don't want the cramps), I tried looking for Black Forest tea at PnP but they didn’t have. Phoned Spar Sandringham and they don’t have. So I’ll have to go buy tea tomorrow from a health shop.

    It's now 7pm and I'm back to sitting upright :) Feeling alert but sedate. Feeling a bit hungry so I'm going to make my 5th glass of lemonade. I'm only doing 6 glasses a day because I only have enough maple syrup to last me 10 days at 6 glasses a day. Otherwise, I might have drunken more.

    Apologies for the length of this post, but hopefully will add separate posts for each day from now on :)

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  6. PoppiSeed

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    I dreamt I went to bed, then sleep-walked to the kitchen and ate a handful of raisins. I don't even care for raisins but I woke up and couln't be sure if it was a dream or not. The only way I know it didn't happen is that we don't have any raisins. Weird

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