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  1. Angie

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    DAY 3

    I know it’s a bit of a roundabout way to start my ‘journal’ but I’m on day 3 writing about daze 1 ‘n 2 ...(yes, “daze” – giving up smoking as well as food n wine=dazed)

    My husband and I started our Master Cleanse 2 days ago.
    V. Nice to be doing this together!! Drank our Laxa tea on Friday night as recommended & woke up with the shhhhhhhhh....

    ....and felt kuk on day 1 & 2, but I’m feeling Much better today – even though I was dreading day 3 from what I read. I’m full of beans and even inspired to write....

    (On Day 1)
    We started off with great energy - weighed & measured ourselves before the SWF. Lots of Excess “Honeymoon indulgence” to get rid of!!

    The SWF was hard for my man, but I down a litre of water daily upon waking, so it wasn’t too bad for me. The results worked fast for my man, but took longer to kick in for me...

    YUM, we were Loving the tasty goodness of the Lemonade! We went and filled up our 10 litre containers with fresh mountain spring water. Finally found glass water bottles at Wellness Warehouse – where they sell Norwegian mineral water for R39.99 – sounds expensive for a bottle of water – but the re-useable (wide mouth) bottle alone is hard to find and good quality plastic bottles – like the soda stream ones I found are a ridonkulous R99 per bottle!! Grolsch beer bottles are also good as they have the snazzy lid...!!
    No hunger apparent - and so we only had 5 glasses of Lemonade each that day.

    My man suffered nasty headaches, and in the afternoon I kept falling asleep -neither of us had much energy – hid from everyone & had an early Saturday evening! I missed smoking!
    I’m drinking LOADS of water – I usually do 3 to 4 L a day – but I’m still at it despite only being on liquids – no headaches 

    Glasses of Lemonade: 5
    My energy: 5/10
    My weight: 65.6kg’s

    (Day 2)
    SWF went down fine. We only have one loo in our home – so had an interesting morning.
    It’s rather smelly – my advice – keep a box of matches handy! One strike of the match and the sulphur kills all smells – even better than incense!! (and no need to keep it burning)

    Both of us were feeling a bit miff & edgy. The only thing that made me feel better is that it is my CHOICE to be healthy, to do the MC. No-one is depriving me, so no need to be moody. And taking our pooch to the beach always helps the grumps. Would love a smoke though!!

    We went to a large family gathering, stayed for 2 hours sipping lemonade while everyone drank & snacked. I felt quite empowered actually - declining my favourite snacks and glass of chilled wine. And I did not feel hungry. In fact I haven’t felt hungry once. My stomach grumbles and is quite noisy but I haven’t felt hungry (surprisingly) My man however feels hungry quite often (we’re on 6 glasses of Lemonade a day – perhaps he should drink more??)
    However when the real food came out – we made an exit – was a bit torturous to sit and watch!
    I would have needed to add a shot of tequila to my sweet lemon for a margarita to stay any longer – willpower just didn’t cut it!

    My eyes feel really scratchy and tired – my focus doesn’t seem very good and although I know I ‘possibly definitely’ need to go and get glasses, things are looking fuzzy right now.

    Glasses of Lemonade: 6
    My energy: 5/10
    My weight: 64.6kg’s – 1 kg gone .... niiiiiiiice ;0)

    The weekend was definitely harder than expected - and I realised how Un-Consciously we eat –constantly visiting the fridge – even if just for a swig of juice; checking out the cupboards & grazing throughout the day, ‘rewards’ for jobs done.... How many times would I just reach for a chip or some biltong without even realising, grab a piece of liquorice when paying for petrol, - and then still say ‘ah, I’ve hardly eaten today’!?? I definitely became more conscious this weekend!

    Back to DAY 3...
    ??? Can one overdose or pop a lid on Cayenne Pepper ???
    We love hot n spicy – so a 10th of a teaspoon doesn’t touch our buds....more like a half (or a teaspoon) per glass..... you did say to push it Mike ??

    I’m feeling strong – may even go and do some yoga later or another walk on the beach. Although I could Really do with a fag!! My eyes still feel fuzzy and scratchy!!
    My skin & hair are fine – no breakouts or boils or greasy hair. My breath is ok, but I may just go & buy some natural toothpaste as a treat! My tongue is coated white despite me thinking Ill tongue-scrape it off – NO it just doesn’t go!! The ‘furriness’ goes but not the white....guess I’ll just have to detox it pink again.

    My REAL reason for the Master Cleanse:

    I’ve had emotional issues with food for pretty much all of my life...even as a slightly chubby kid. I (weirdly) chose Dance as my profession and danced successfully until my late 30’s. Of course with that came some warped body image and eating problems.... I struggled forever to keep slim.
    Even at my biggest, I’ve never really been fat, but I felt it – and although people Always say “but you look fine” I know it’s Not about how they see me but how I see me.
    I HATE dieting – and always fail – I can’t ever stick to them – I feel deprived and rebellious. An Emotional attachment to food has always been my problem!!
    I read how the MC assists the mind in ‘cleansing’ too – this is what I’m after.
    I’m 41 years old – and I don’t wanna live like this anymore. I’m sick of it. I’m only halfway through my life and I finally want to put a stick in the wheel of my habitual mindset of “failure with food”.
    I don’t want to jeopardise my future because of the way I lived my past – constantly believing & living ‘those failures’ today.
    I’m scared to say I’m gonna do a longer cleanse than 10 days, because I honestly don’t know if I can (and I doubt my husband would continue longer) – but I think, sad to say it, that from what I’ve read – I may need a longer fast to reap the mind benefits I’m after.....
    Damn! That means seeing U2 live with a bottle of .....le.le.lemonade 

    Energy so far today: 7/10
    Weight: 64.2kg’s

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  2. Angie

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    DAY 4

    Both my man and I had V. nasty dreams last night – and I had long periods of lying awake.
    Because of that, I woke up tired, but I am feeling more energised as the day passes.

    I’m still a bit moody/emotional – irritable and feeling a little blue. Maybe also the effects of not smoking...
    Everyone second guesses and questions what we’re doing. At least I spend most of my day’s semi alone, so don’t have to put up with it much. But I feel for my husband who has to be on (film) set at 6am – fully swflushed out – and then has to decline all the toasties, fruit and yummies offered around set – and the full-on lunches and breakfasts – he’s finding it Very hard – but was a Warrior yesterday and triumphed!! Go Love Go!!

    I realised this morning that we only had ¼ teaspoon salt in our SWF’s yesterday – because my man pulled the wrong measuring spoon out the drawer in the early hours.... Oh well, it still had some effect.
    Today we rectified the flush to 5ml’s again. It’s still not Major ‘movements’ for either of us yet – but we do have to alternate our dashes to the loo!!

    My eyes are still bothering me – they burn, feel almost swollen(?) and my vision is a bit blurred...not sure if it’s computer overload – or maybe just time to visit the optom.

    Still no actual hunger – just a constant itch to eat something....But, I have found my “resolve” at least for 10 days...

    Not many detox symptoms yet either except for a “white tongue” a few aches and one very small spot!

    Today’s mantra: I come from what was, live in what is and dream of what could be!

    Energy so far: 7/10
    Weight: 64.1kg’s

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  3. Angie

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    DAY 5

    Cool!! Getting there!!
    Not too much change in the physical, but TODAY I can feel the head beginning to change – Woohoo!!

    Taught Pilates last night – and had SO much energy. But when I got home.....eish, I could have So easily raided the cupboards – even the curry paste looked appealing!! And it was toasted cheese n tomato zaarms; hamburgers; lays slightly salted; spare ribs...mmm lip smackin stuff all floating round my head.....damn – when’s my HEAD gonna shift itself. And all my husband and I spoke (dreamed more like it) about was filling up on ‘sinful’ foods after our cleanse............ i mean ??
    We were wondering if our minds were too “dirty” to cleanse ;)

    But then this morning I definitely felt a change – it’s as if my mind and body got connected somehow... I like it. And today, I haven’t been checking out my colleagues’ lunchbox with green eyes. I’m feeling good. My body feels connected – I’m more aware of it somehow – and I feel leaner :) (& cleaner)

    Off to see the Black Swan tonight – I have NEVER EVER gone to the movies without popcorn to munch on – I’m a popaholic - so tonight will provide another challenge - of learning that just because it smells tempting, doesn’t mean I have to have it!! It doesn’t Have to be “instant gratification” every time – I can have it next time – and hopefully my head will happily choose the Smaller bucket n give my belly a rest

    I’m Happy :)

    Energy: 8/10
    Weight: 63.8kg’s

    Note to Mike: Awesome handbook - thankyou - but horrible quality - mine is already falling apart on my 1st cleanse and I'll need to now have it bound.

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  4. Angie

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    DAY 6

    Whew! What a ride! The highs n lows of energy and mood-swings that I feel in 24 hrs are amazing.
    In the midst of a dispute I had yesterday evening, I saw some smokes and was tempted to grab one – but didn’t....steely mind is starting to get stronger...

    Still no major ‘deposits’ after the SWF and the only detox symptoms I feel are the moods & a couple of spots.

    Still no hunger; but my energy feels lower today.
    And I’m struggling a bit because I just wanna eat!!

    Loved the film last night, it reminded me just how powerful the mind is!! Yesterday I saw myself as thinner – it put me in a good mood. Today I put on 0.1 kg and I feel shit!?? The mind plays tricks!!
    A R100 note is worth the same whether it is crumpled, old, weathered or new....
    But what did feel good was not being tempted by the popcorn!!

    My husband’s feeling great (and looking supaHot)– full power energy & feels a head shift as well.

    I’m becoming a Cayenne Pepper addict.

    Energy so far: 6/10
    Weight: 63.9kg’s

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  5. Heywood

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    Wow, Angie! What a wonderful record: entertaining, inspiring, and insightful. Thank you for sharing it with us - seems you will make the most of the master cleanse! Glad to hear your hubby is loving it too - and looking "supaHot". Gosh, imagine they invent a product that makes husbands look supaHot! It will do serious business!!

    You have to cause good health, not just avoid poor health.
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  6. Mike

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    Hi Angie! Thanks for the effort - as Heywood says its really enlightening and entertaining reading it all :)

    As you approach day 7 you are beginning to feel the effects of detoxing quite strongly. The mood swings and oscillating feelings are quite normal as you feel the effects of stuff entering the bloodstream for elimination. Thats also what triggers those craving feelings. To me its always an encouraging sign as it provides some tangible feedback to an otherwise invisible process. The contents of your bloodstream have a huge effect on your moment-to-moment feelings and moods. Just keep relaxed as much as possible and keep riding it out. Whatever it is, once its been eliminated its gone for good! As you clean its just going to get better, I can see that you're already noticing it in your mental perspectives. Your body is hard at work, supreme wisdom, incomparable power, just keep right out of its way :)

    "I am responsible - the creator of my own experience."
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  7. Angie

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    DAY 7 – And feeling GREAT!! Loads of energy, no hunger as such. Sure I’ve had my moments where I've been willing snatch a bag of crisps from any kid to satisfy my cravings...but their mothers were always lurking nearby ;)

    Hi Heywood - Thanks for your kind words – In fact I got my inspiration to leave an ‘honest journal’ of my experience because I found reading yours so helpful before I started my MC!!

    Thanks Mike – music to my ears!! I was beginning to worry about my emotional state – I mean... my eyes even got teary as I read your post – hellooooo.....????
    But the joy of thinking that “whatever it is, once eliminated, it will be gone for good” is a great encouragement & motivation!!

    This morning I weighed myself and I have put ON another 0.1kg!!! Not only that – I went and MEASURED myself to see if I’ve lost any cm’s.....................whoopee...a whole 2cm’s around my waist – yes....and 2 cm’s on my thigh... but only my left one mind you ... nowhere else...
    I guess the frustration I felt is the very reason the handbook says not to weigh yourself every day.
    And I’ve zealously gone exactly by the book. Re-stocked with allNatural toiletries, hunted for glass bottles, drinking LOADS of the purest water we collect from the spring......... But I guess it’s like Mike calls it above: “an invisible process”.
    Now is the time to TRUST my body’s “supreme wisdom”

    None of the dreaded Day 7 symptoms, except that I had really sore & bloated, “constipated” belly after the SWF this morning. I felt like a cement truck!! A heavy ‘lump’ in my belly.
    Since we began, I’ve had small SWF ‘deposits’ - and only a couple every day – not quite like my husband.. Haha!
    But he who laughs last laughs longest, and after 1.5hrs it felt as if the storage of the last 6 days was released and the hard lump departed & took the pain with it:)

    My man recons his mind has become sharp as a tack. His brother who works with him even said he was inspired by watching him work with such clarity and efficiency! He’s full beans....well...not literally....rather like he's drinking something thats REALLY given him wings....And I’m inspired by him too :o )

    Energy: 9/10
    Weight: 64kg’s

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  8. Mike

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    Glad to hear of the release :) Sounds like you had day 7 on day 6! Hopefully that is the start of the upcurve...

    Yup its funny how the weight changes, but rest assured its under complete and exquisite micro management. A friend of mine (slim and slight to be sure) actually gained two and a half kilos!

    I totally know what your husband's feeling like :) Its so great to begin feeling (remembering?) what you're really capable of, especially the mental clarity! Its quite an eye-opener (mind-expander) when you realise that what you thought was feeling "100%" was actually only like 60%! It helps you begin to realise the immense effect 'food' and eating/drinking habits have on us. It builds up so slowly that we never really notice the deterioration. Proper care and feeding is crucial to our experience of life and the MC is a great reminder of why its worth giving that topic a helluva lot more thought and attention. A fresh and valuable perspective.

    Keep going and stay inspired, you're going need to build up some momentum to carry you through into your post-cleanse life :)

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  9. Angie

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    DAY 10!! Woohoo!!!

    But 1st a catch up of the weekend:

    DAY 8
    Still all over the place with my emotions – and I can’t say this is the easiest time in our relationship....
    We’ve both morphed into sourbitches! Too many lemons?? ??

    Major movements after SWF for both of us!!!

    What made today great though, was that we drove to a beautiful farm in Noordhoek and each had a Kahuna Massage from a friend of ours!! She is some kind of Nurturing Goddess of Love – and filled our bodies with her beautiful energy!! This was the most nourishing thing I could have done for myself – and I highly recommend her!! Go for a massage if you’re feeling blue.
    I’ve had MANY massages, but nothing quite like this – it’s the Hawaiian style of massage if I’m not mistaken...? It deliciously softened our edgy emotions, and restored our spirits. Our bodies felt puttylike after the visit to our Lovely Sam!!

    DAY 9

    Starting to see a difference in my body ...but as Mike said – the cm’s that come off tend to be a bit disproportional .... for instance my waist became so slim, that it appears now that I have these huge “heartshaped Muffins” on my hips!! Oh well, I won’t complain too much - at least it’s coming off. Need to Seriously start training again so it comes off more evenly!!

    Felt good, happy and energetic all day - until we ran out of our lemonade concentrate while visiting my new 2 day old God-daughter ;)
    I felt great – and Strong – while they braai’d and ate, but a few hours later when we had no more lemonade, I could feel my energy and mood plummeting...

    Peppermint Tea – delicious!!

    Back to DAY 10

    My Love’s Last day – and we are So Super proud of ourselves for making it!!

    I’m going to continue on my MC journey – I would like to feel more of the benefits of the detox.
    Getting excited over a breakout of pimples definitely made me realise I need to continue detoxing.....also, I still feel I could indulge in all sorts of wickedness...........I want to get stronger in the psychological way I relate to food and my body and self-confidence.
    I don’t Have to be skinny for my career, I don’t have to “deny myself” because of anyone else. I’m seeking that point where I my choice is beneficial to me – that place where I feel great not deprived.
    And since I’ve got the flow of the fast now, why stop before I find it!??
    C ‘est la vie.... Bring on Day 11

    Energy: 9/10
    Weight: 62.8kg’s

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  10. Angie

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    DAY 11

    Tricksy mind of mine is “tired” of the fast. Today I’m thinking SO much of Food – of Chewing – of Eating – healthy, unhealthy – whatever...just give me food!!!
    I think it’s because my husband is weaning himself off back to ‘normality’ and had his 1st orange juice this morning......ah....smelled delicious!! I’m gonna have to dig deeper!!

    Sweet Valentines day – he bought me many assorted bunches of Yellow Flowers – Yellow to aid my “willpower” Chakra as I continue my MC journey without him :o )

    Now here’s something – I think being on the Master Cleanse won me a prize :)
    The ‘ad’ below was an entry to Kalahariads Valentines Competition which I won haha!!
    Thanks Master Cleanse – they must’ve felt sorry for us ;)

    My new Husband and I are currently on the 10 day Master Cleanse Detox. Our final day of detoxing is on Valentine ’s Day. For 10 days we will have consumed nothing except a special Lemonade and water...Yikes – you can imagine the new found discipline!! Even though this detox has really tested us, we have kept each other’s spirits high during the most tempting of times! You know the smell of a braai’d chop can make your knees weak!! We are on Day 6 today.
    We were wondering how we could celebrate our 1st Valentines as a married couple – but everything ‘celebratory’ seems to involve food and drink. We thought about sneaking a shot of tequila into our detox lemonade;) but we are resolved to Not quit on each other!!
    The only thing that could take our spirits higher, is celebrating high in A Hot Air Balloon – sipping our final glass of lemonade, and savouring our victorious detox in a sunset sky over our Beautiful Mother City – and all with laughter & Love!! Yay!! Take us for a JOY ride :) LoveLiveLove Happy Valentines everyone LoveLiveLove

    All's well in MC world

    Energy: 8/10
    Weight: 62.4kg’s

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  11. Angie

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    Mike, some advice if you please...
    I've been having some heart palpitations since Sunday. I've experienced them before now, but they have got increasingly stronger through the days - and more frequent...until now...(evening of day 11), they're happening so often I thought I should write to you. My husband put his ear on my chest yesterday and was a tad concerned at all the inconsistent beating... Later this afternoon, I had some sharp pains under my ribcage, and I have indigestion for the 1st time since I started the MC. Have you heard of this before?
    Could it be an excess of cayenne pepper overstimulating the heart?? I've no idea?? I do use quite a lot....
    Thanks :)

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  12. Mike

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    Hi Angie, sorry to hear that!

    Not being a doctor I cannot really offer any medical advice but here are some thoughts and a couple of links you might want to read. Heart palpitations can often be a detox symptom (the composition of your bloodstream changes frequently and substantially as toxins are released) and also regarded as harmless. On the other hand it could be symptoms of something else that should be looked into. I know of at least five or six people who have experienced them (as they described) as short-term 'panic attacks' but they have always passed smoothly. Funnily enough many people recommend the MC to deal with heart palpitation issues.

    Indigestion and heart-burn are definitely quite common detox symptoms. Palpitations are also a symptom that often reported during fasts and in the MC, but usually not long-lived.

    Detox events can get quite hectic sometimes and many people get into a bit of a panic over the symptoms. The thing about detoxing is that, apart from some common events, the experience is unique to each person so its difficult to say whether any issue is related to that or something more serious. Your own individual health condition is the key here, whether you are aware of any issues or not.

    have a quick squizz at this link:

    'Chava' at the bottom there says its normal and 'will pass in a week or so' - now that may be a bit long for most people to stay clam and relaxed I know. Generally though, from all I've read, people do not consider them (palpitations) too serious a symptom. That is obviously subjective though!

    other links:

    How are you feeling this morning? It looks like your post was last night sometime and symptoms often build up in the evening and dissipate in the morning with eliminations.

    In general I would always advise to rest and relax as far as possible and hope it passes. And drink enough water. Now I know that's not a lot of comfort if you're worried that something may be life threatening! And anything in the heart region makes you stop and think...

    When you look at the essence of what's happening here you will see that, apart from what you are consuming, ie essentially food items (except for the tea), most symptoms are originating from your body rather than as a response/result of what you're eating. This could then possibly narrow it down to either some existing condition which is now manifesting, or a temporary condition resulting from internal processes underway at present.

    Yes the pepper does affect your blood flow and heart, but I would not expect it to have that much effect on you. Cut down again if you feel this is linked though. The most important thing is you need to be comfortable with what is happening and not worried or stressing about it. If you are concerned you should definitely have it checked out by someone who's opinion you trust. Be forewarned though that doctors are very often unnecessarily alarmist and uninformed about fasting (in my experience) and tend to overreact when told about your being on the MC or fasting and immediately jump on that as the 'cause'!

    But to be safe, if you're still worried, have it checked out...

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  13. Mike

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    Hello again, here's another comment from someone ("Chen"):

    "I'm on day 26 of my 3rd MC and I had a similar experience, which I described to my wife as "heart flutters." This lasted about 3-4 days and, although I don't recall which days, it was early in the fast. It definitely freaked me out but I stuck with the fast and it did eventually stop happening. I believe this also happened to me on my second MC which lasted 20 days."

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  14. Angie

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    DAY 12

    Thanks Mike. Interesting reads!! All of them, thanks for your input. I am not overly concerned right now, because I’ve experienced these ‘flutters’ in the past. But they have become very much more distinct and frequent – which of course has led to a certain amount of concern. Reading those links has “put my heart at ease” ;) Thank you.
    How do I feel today? This morning I did some self practice Yoga – with a conscious focus on my Ujjayi Breathing, hoping to stabilise my off-beat heart. It’s still obvious in the mornings – but not as hard/jarring as in the evenings. I will just monitor it closely.

    After my 1st glass of lemonade the heartburn flared up again, but I am just drinking loads of water to keep it at bay. I’m finding that the Lemonade is tasting so sour these days...even though it’s made the same as always...

    In the last few days I have developed a Big red itchy sore on my ribcage. My voice is increasingly raspy....I know the effects of smoking made my voice a little throaty, but it has become more so....I seriously hope it changes – I don’t wanna sound like Marge Simpson for the rest of my life!! My eyes continue to be a bit sore and scratchy.
    I can see why a longer fast is encouraged – I feel like the real detoxing is only just beginning.

    Yesterday felt almost like Day 1 again in terms of my cravings and ‘habitual’ eating patterns. I had to go shopping for laxa tea, and veggies for my Man. Needless to say I had to mentally handcuff myself!! Blimey, all those delicious smells.....nearly did me in!!!
    But I felt deprived again – and frustrated. I KEEP having to meditate on the fact that ITS MY CHOICE to carry on.... I really hope this “magical” thing Mike mentioned in his book, happens soon to change my psyche!

    Energy: 8/10
    Weight: 62.7kg’s

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  15. Angie

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    DAY 13

    I ran out of Cayenne Pepper & couldn’t find organic, so I bought Natures Choice brand – Bio friendly, free of preservatives, chemicals etc etc.
    On the back of the package there is an option to “Sponsor an Old Friend” (Natures Choice sponsors “Meals on Wheels” for the Aged)
    All you need to do is sms the word “Meal” to 39055 – and for a mere R15 you can feed a struggling Pensioner in our starving country.

    After sending my sms this morning, I felt so good that I decided that for the remained of my MC, every evening meal I miss, I will donate a plate a food to someone hungrier than me. I wish I’d known this sooner, as I’ve only got 2 more days and then the OJ days....but at least its 6 meals sponsored.
    Perhaps next time I do a MC fast I’ll get friends and family to “sponsor” me for every meal missed – and donate it to Meals on Wheels..? It felt nice feeling my hunger, knowing I could ease it in a few days – and having the “power” to ease someone else’s hunger who doesn’t have an option.

    Hunger always freaked me out! I’m not sure I’ve ever really just ALLOWED hunger to be. Every time I feel the gurgling, or feel that emptiness – I do something about it immediately – I fill it – and often over-fill it – on whatever’s closest! I’ve realised that I’m of the lucky ones who have the luxury of filling myself whenever I want.

    But I’ve also realised that Hunger pains are ok. It really is OK to be hungry – it won’t last forever. I’m not gonna feel faint from a hungerpain – and if I do – it’s easy to remedy. I’m not as thin or active as I used to be when I was dancing professionally– so feeling a hunger pain or two would actually really benefit me! In fact instead of seeing it as a negative thing – I’m going to start Welcoming my hunger pains – until my body Really tells me it needs nourishment...and then to focus on Nourishment.

    All else is well in MC Land, Still have the heart-flutters, ribcagesore, and a coupleOspots... But my sinuses have noticeably improved :)
    Now that my Victorious Husband is eating again, it is harder for me in the evenings – but I’m still solid. This morning he said he misses the MC & that it’s addictive...& he missed his morning “movements’:(
    Last night I dreamt of ........FOOD!! Imagine That!? But this time it was all delicious nutritious stuff that I’ve been reading about on various Raw Food websites – Hooray!! My goals feel closer!

    Energy: 8/10
    Weight: 62.4kg’s

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  16. Angie

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    DAY 14

    “Is is getting better? Or do you feel the same?
    Yeah - it’s getting better and No, I don’t feel the same - I feel FanFrikkinTastic!
    “Did I disappoint you or leave a bad taste in your mouth??”
    Well, I've NOT disappointed myself – although on days I’ve had a very bad taste as I let go of those toxins.
    U2 tonight n Ill be buzzing on lemonade :)

    Haven’t smoked in 14 days!! It's been easier than I thought!
    I’m healthier, I’m thinner, my skin is glowing & soft, my head’s in a good place and I’ve only ONE more day to get through ‘till I reach my goal :o )
    AND I’ve got a Pink tongue :)

    SWF was unusually difficult this morning – tasted so much more salty – my taste buds must be changing...? I am really looking forward to trying out some of the raw food recipes I’ve gathered.

    Energy: 8/10
    Weight: 61.6kg’s

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  17. Mike

    Posts: 226

    Hey Angie - sounding pretty good there, especially the tongue, and I guess you've reached your goal by now?

    Great news about the smoking! I remember a bit of advice in a book I read once about that where the author said that everytime you think about it you make a decision to light up or not. So just keep making the right decision for you, not for anyone or any other reason other than that's what you want. You're way over the hump now but the thought of lighting up will often occur. You just need to make the decision that's best for you.

    Its been awesome reading about your MC journey and I appreciate the frankness and reading about your ups and downs, it really helps anyone considering this to get a good perspective on what the Cleanse is really all about. People are so often flippant about their health and looking for some kind of quick fix, but deep down we all know that restoring and maintaining health is a lifetime ongoing commitment and not something we're going to find in a pill. Weight control and all the other 'lifestyle' maladies are merely symptoms of a life out of balance, something that unfortunately is the norm these days.

    "Skin glowing and soft" without any chemical products, you gotta love it! Now that's REAL health for you - it just shines right on through from a nice clean core :) Makes you think about all those other "beauty, health and hygiene" products, right? Hint, hint :)

    You are going to so enjoy exploring food again soon, but please take it slowly. Strive for sustainable changes. It can be quite demoralising when slipping back into old bad habits so its important to take it easy (and if you slip, so what, just get back on that horse and keep going). Moving more and more towards whole, raw foods is definitely a good direction to start in.

    Delay getting back to the animal products (meat/dairy) and the white stuff (breads, pastas, rice, sugar etc) and take salads to a new level. Its high time the salad took its place as a main course, not a garnish or side dish! Get creative. Rely on and enjoy the flavours of the ingredients themselves, chewy, crunchy and juicy. Add no "flavours" (dressings, sauces etc). Keep the portions small - look how little it takes to keep you in the pink right now (I wonder - did that phrase refer to tongues originally?)

    Get that blender working hard and churn out the smoothies till you burn the motor out and get another one, or a stronger one! Juices and smoothies can put so much good nutrition into you with zero effort and make the transition much easier. Green, green, green is the colour, darker the better :) Bung in all the dark green leaves you can find, especially ones you're never used or bought before (kale?), and then add a touch of fruit to sweeten. Only one thing to be careful of in all the raw books - too many nuts! Fats are fats and essential as they are should always be used sparingly.

    The very best thing about raw food is that it always tastes better than cooked. Thats's why we always smother cooked food in stimulating spices or sauces! Whenever I mention the idea of eating raw to most people they all scrunch up their noses and protest vigorously that they want "to enjoy life" that they "enjoy food and eating"! Yet everyone I've ever served a raw meal to, suggests I should open a restaurant! But the best reward is how good you look and feel. Day in and day out with no more colds, flu's and pharmaceuticals...

    At least 51% of every meal live, raw, whole food is the first level goal I reckon. And look for the organic stuff because you'll be able to taste the difference now. That'll be a good start...

    Hope you enjoyed the concert :)

    Posted 10 years ago #
  18. sharkfin

    Posts: 25

    Hi Angie. Wow! That was some read. One of the best things for me on this forum is reading about everyone's detox issues and thoughts. Its something so underrated and yet the term is bandied about like the latest fad by people who haven't a clue what it really means. Its really brilliant to get insight into the wisdom of the body and how it goes about sorting itself out by itself. The Master Cleanse certainly changed the way i look at health now and I regularly do one at least twice a year. It just taught me so much about me! My eating havits are not what I'd like them to be ultimately, but they're so much better than they were before. I think that's whats really important as I keep making small steps to getting to my goal!

    Good luck further :)

    Posted 10 years ago #
  19. Angie

    Posts: 26

    DAY 18
    Yip....I decided to keep going....
    Thanks Mike for your wise words which I’ll heed. Thanks for all your energy and time invested into advising me :)
    Thanks Sharkfin too – for your encouragement :0
    But 1st a catch-up of the last 3 days on my MC journey...

    DAY 15
    I FELT Very proud of myself at the U2 concert last night– not smoking or drinking or eating the usual junk. It felt amazing being SO in control. I felt powerful and full of self worth - and an exhilarating ‘stillness’ even tho’ I danced like a wild thing! I organised with Big Concerts to take my lemonade in to the stadium – so I had no reason to cheat – and I had PURE energy all night!!
    Today’s supposed to be my last day! Mission accomplished! Goal achieved! I dunno what’s got into me – but I’ve decided to keep goals this time – just One day at a time...every day over 15 is Victorious for me!! In fact every day over my initial goal of 10 Days makes me a Lion-Hearted girl!! So SO many times have I been on the verge of quitting, I’ve felt anger and depression as my ‘food disorders’ have been challenged – but so far I have done it!! I'm the Hare and the Tortoise all in one - and hopefully mind & body hit that finish line at the same time!!

    DAY 16
    Bloody hell – why was I so shtupid!! What was I thinking? Did someone slip some ‘zeal’ into my lemonade on Friday?? Grrrr... I’m Tired of this now.... Hmph.........Let me get thru this evening...and see what the morning holds...
    I’m generally a happy, light, optimistic person, but these dark moods have become almost a daily occurrence. Perhaps it’s because my food issues are so deeply ingrained – from a little kid who loved ballet – I was “encouraged” to be thinner. Mental habits began to control - And now those old “friends” are being severely challenged in a Battle of Wills and clearly they don’t like it!!

    Had a VERY substantial "deposit" this morning – even before the SWF – how? where does that come from ?? ??
    Also, quite a hectic breakout on my face – lovely!!

    DAY 17
    Of course the morning comes and I feel great again. Every day’s a breeze until about 5pm then ‘darkness sets in’ ...mwahahahahaaa.........schizophrenic Darth Vadar Hellooooooo ?? ?? Luckily they aren’t long periods of misery – and have become short burst of frustration rather than the long miseries they were a week ago.

    The good thing is that it appears that some of my family & friends are inspired by my Husband and I – and one friend has started her MC journey today! And my sister-in-law is soon to start too. I cannot recommend it enough – despite the challenge!! I’ve lost 4.5 kg’s so far & My body looks great – and I have grown my sense of self worth – and I’ve overcome a multitude of crap in my head!

    This morning I made my 1st ever green smoothie for my husband – and this evening I made him Raw Nut Burgers & Salad for dinner. Unfortunately the delicious fresh smell had me my 1st cheat on my MC journey... yes I licked my fingers – and then the spoon – and then...the bowl....
    It’s the 1st time I ever cheated on a “diet” with something so super Healthy haha!

    DAY 18
    Anyways, today I pick myself back up and continue.... I didn’t have a lot – if I gathered it all together, it would defo be less than a tablespoon ...
    MIKE, Can I keep going? I know you said if a cheat occurs – Start Again (well that aint gonna happen) But surely it’s ok to keep going??
    This morning on waking, I didn’t have my usual Post-Laxa-Loo-Sprint....However after my SWF I had a “shitload” to release....where is this coming from – no ways did I swallow that amount of nut pate yesterday!!!
    I’m looking forward to the end of my SWFmornings, where I’m free to do some early morning gym-ing again..
    Still, I have so much energy – still teaching Pilates. Still practice yoga... Fire Up Sunlight Energy in my Solar Plexus!! Will begets more Will!!
    No goals now!! Just one foot in front of the other – but it’d be really cool to reach 20 days :0
    Going to my 2nd RAW foods talk tonight – I’m Really looking forward to playing in the kitchen with Raw recipes – and EATING them of course...

    Energy: 8/10
    Weight: 61.1kg’s

    Posted 10 years ago #
  20. Angie

    Posts: 26

    Oh! And I forgot the BEST thing from last night - after making the RAW Nut Burger & Salad dinner for my man - sitting and watching him eat - the delight on his face - the total yumminess of his expressions - ah, it tickled me and was better than eating itself!!!

    I felt SUPERCHUFFED that he LOVED this insanely healthy meal - and declared he could eat like that every night :)

    I'm not a fabulous cook - but maybe I'll be a great Un-Cook :)

    Posted 10 years ago #

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