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Evening Tea and Cayenne Pepper

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  1. renees

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    Hi, i've just started with the Master Cleanse, and while i thought the SWF was going to be my main hurdle on Day 1 it actually ended up being not too bad (thanks to Charles Shephard for the tip on the 'cup-of-soup' psychi). However, i do find that drinking my 6 glasses of lemonade quite difficult. I am struggling a little with the taste, but am slowly but surely getting used to it. Two quick questions: When i drink my evening Laxa Tea, could i use a teaspoon of maple syrup to try and improve the 'dust-like' taste? And secondly, is it possible to use slightly less cayenne pepper in the mixture, or do you think i will get used to the strong 'bite'.
    Mike's book has made me a little anxious for Days 2 and 3, but i am determined to get through the 10 days and change my eating habits for good. thanks for all the help from the forum thus far... xxx

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  2. karen_c

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    Hi renees and welcome to the MC. Try to avoid adding the syrup (sugar) to the tea if you can, you will get used to that herby taste in due course. The same goes for the pepper. It stimulates blood flow and irritates the mucous membranes (your internal skin) from your mouth down on through. This causes the body to push out more water through the membranes in response, increasing the detox efficacy and helping clear them of any other blockages. You will definitely get used to the 'bite' - its an acquired taste, as they say. Changing your food habits is something you will need to keep at for a good long while (the rest of your life?) But nevertheless the ten days will give you some quality time to think about food and when you get back to eating you should have a great new perspective on just how little you really need to stay bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

    Most of the really "bad" foods are in effect highly addictive drugs (especially sugar/carbs) and getting over the desire for the stimulation they engender is the real battle (even chilli/cayenne falls into this category). But hey, even if you slip, just keep getting up, dusting off and keep going.

    And no need to be anxious, take it a day at a time and take it easy :)

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