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  1. hanburger

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    Hannelie's MC - Day 1

    This is my first cleanse/detox ever.
    Got UP very excited this morning about my new journey. Not so nervous anymore. Especially after I tasted the lemonade – very nice actually. Yes the Cayenne pepper does have a little bite in the back of my throat, but it’s actually kind of nice.
    12h00 now, and I’m feeling quite fine – not hungry, just a bit of an empty feeling, because usually by now i would have had a bag of crisps, chocolates, coffee, coca cola, rusks, or anything I laid my eyes on.
    I want to lose weight and feel healthy again. I'll post my progress every day.
    But one thing I promised was to stick this throuh - It's only 10 days. And time flies as we know it.
    Anyone else on their first day? Please join in.

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  2. hanburger

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    Hannelie's MC - Day 2 & 3

    Hi Again!

    First of all, at the end of Day 1 - I lost 1.1kg

    SATURDAY was my 2nd day - Went to a Stork party, there was lots of cake, pastries, deserts etc. It was tempting not because i was hungry (because I wasn't hungry), but rather because of the emotional aspect of eating that types of food at such occasions. I stayed away from it as much as possible. Later that day about 15h00 - 20h00 I had major headaches, and tension in my head, with a mild fever feeling, and very tired. When i got home at 20h00 I took an Epsom Salt bath and immediately felt better.

    End of this Day I lost 0.500gr.

    SUNDAY - my 3rd day, I woke up feeling fabulous. Lots of energy and ready for the day. Friends visited early, and wanted us to go to Wimpy with them for breakfast. - i felt strong and said I'll join them. They ate their oily breakfast and i just drank water. NO problems there.
    For Lunch everyone wanted to eat out at Master Grill. I wasn't hungry, just really felt out, and because that's a longer 'meal time' than breakfast, I considered eating something healthy. So... I had a salad, glass of semi sweet wine, and one of those bread rolls they bring up front with butter. Luckily I didn't feel yucky afterwards. Not even dissapointed. - I'm glad i did it. Because I enjoyed it first of all, and also I simply continued my MC afterwards. ( I mean I thought of it this way - I already managed to avoid eating at the Stork Party on Saturday, and then the Wimpy breakfast this morning.)

    End of this day I still lost 0.800gr.

    My total weight loss so far is 2.4kg (5.28 pounds)

    I'm on Day 4 now, and I'm planning to go STRONG all the way through, cause during the week I don't feel tempted at all.


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  3. hanburger

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    This is my last post -
    Yesterday would've been my 10th day - But when I cheated with a small salad on day 3, that was the beginning of the end for me.
    I cheated again on day 4,5,6,7 and then decided to stop the whole cleanse. I must say I'm quite please with the 2.4kg that I lost but I would like to keep that off and lose more, so I'm eating a lot less food and more healthy.
    I'll begin exercising tomorrow.

    This Cleanse is not for everyone. For those who can abstain from eating for 10+ day's, I'd say - WOW. But not for me.
    I did waste alot of money on the maple syrup though. I still have half of that bottle left. - Don't know what I'm going to do with it.

    I suppose my search for the weight loss miracle that's made just for me, is still on.

    One thing about the cleanse that really makes me regret going on it, is the fact that it totally stuffed up my metabolism. My BM's were so regular before, and now I suffer from severe constipation for the past 3 days.

    I still think in terms of the detox and gaining more energy that this is a brilliant way of doing it - but definitely not if your MAIN goal is to lose weight.

    Anyway - good luck to those of you who are on the cleanse, and I hope you have more successful results than I did.

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  4. Mike

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    Hi Hannelie, sorry to hear you didn't make it through. Good luck on your search for your "weight loss miracle that's made just for you" but I think in all honesty you will find that correct weight is simply a by-product of a positive attitude, good health, proper eating and regular physical activity. Don't look outside your body for health solutions, look inside.

    The Master Cleanse is not a miracle solution to anything, it is a fantastic and simple detox regimen that provides a much needed focus on your body and eating and will for many open a doorway to improving eating habits. The physical improvements manifest on the Cleanse are the results of natural healing action by your body, not by lemon and maple syrup. All that it takes is to get 'yourself' (ie your thinking) out of the way for a little while and let it do its magic.

    To me, it is the body itself that is the real "miracle solution," and respect and proper care for it in your feeding and other daily habits is what will deliver all health and weight goals.

    And don't worry, nothing is "totally stuffed up" - your metabolism is obviously just a little confused by the fasting/cheating you put it through. All will normalise once you do, so just take it easy and take care!

    Oh, and the maple syrup is really tasty - use it as a sugar substitute in anything that will let you savour the flavour!

    "I am responsible - the creator of my own experience."
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  5. karen_c

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    Hello Hannelie.

    Sorry to hear about your experience but I also just wanted to say (even if just for the other readers?) that your experience and metabolism "problems" came from **NOT** doing the cleanse properly and cheating! You can't say something isn't (whatever) if you never tried it properly and gave it the chance. For me and a whole lot of other people it was the most fantastic experience and it certainly delivered on my expectations, especially with regards to losing weight!

    I suppose people are quite different though (and thats definitely a good thing!)

    Good luck girl :)

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