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42 Days !!! (and all the numbers...)

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  1. Annie

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    This is going to be a long one...I didn't want to post in pieces since I see that so many people here start and never finish! What's up with them? I keep wondering what happens to them? Did they finish, did they stop, what?

    Anyway, here's a complete breakdown of my first Master Cleanse - I kept going and going and am feeling really good. I am going travelling soon and when I come back...I would love to do another fast again....still would like to lose another 10 kilos or so...then I would be perfect LOL...

    But before I start let me say to you all out there: the benefits are so much more than just losing weight! In the end, that's just a side effect of cleansing all the gunk and junk out of your body.

    Total days: 42
    Total weight loss: 12.9 kg

    Day by day breakdown:

    1. Start
    2. 1.4
    3. 0.8
    4. 0.6
    5. 0.5
    6. 0.2
    7. 0.2
    8. 0.5
    9. 0.6
    12. 0.4
    13. 0.4
    14. 0.3
    15 0.3
    16. 0.3
    17. 0.1
    18. 0.3
    19. 0.2
    20. 0.2
    21. 0.4
    22. 0
    23. 0
    31. 0

    (funny thing is...if I weighed myself first thing in the morning my weight loss was not that big...........if I waited for an hour after I woke up and then weighed myself...I would have lost weight lol)

    I absolutely loved going onto the cleanse....I found it so easy....did not have much detox symptoms to start off with...the first day I was so tired...had a sleep from 4pm till 8 pm and then after that I was ok.....

    A few nights my tummy woke me up and I had to run to the toilet very very fast...perhaps I made the tea too strong I don't know......

    But I slept like a baby and felt wonderful...never had any nose was clear..first time that I did not suffer from sinus.....never had to think of what to eat...WOW...did not have to COOK wow lol....

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  2. Annie

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    Breaking my fast

    On my 42nd day that I wanted to break my fast..I started off with orange juice and boy oh boy did it make hungry as hell.....My daughter did the fast too for 10 days and she broke her fast two days earlier than on my first day off the fast I was cooking the veg soup for the afternoon I tasted the broth and my tummy was ok....later I ate some veg soup and waited an hour and again my tummy was ok then I ate some more veg soup and some day I drank a little orange juice and ate veg soup the whole night time I was craving sushi so bad...took the family off to the Cape Town Fish Market for Sushi LOL....didnt have toooo much but it seems I did not suffer anything coming off the fast.....

    Since then I am one kilo more heavy....but every day...I have just been eating a whole pot of veg soup...just is so easy and don't have to think of food....

    Posted 11 years ago #

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