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  1. This girl

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    So I have started the MC with great expectations. Everything that I have read seems to be positive so... moving forward. I drank my herbal tea last night and woke up and did the SWF first thing. I was most disappointed that NOTHING came of it. Perhaps I made the solution too weak. Anyway I was expecting Mount Everest and I never even got Gillloolly's :( I must say though that the Lemonade is quite yummy - will let you know how I feel about it in a few days time :wink:
    For me this journey/DETOX is about many things. I am clearing out the old and starting afresh and hopefully losing weight in the process. I am not doing this solely to lose weight but that would be a bonus as my thighs proceed before me when I walk through the door!!!! LOL

    I was going to do a blog but then decided that there would be no better place to put my posts than here. I want to give an accurate run down on TMC and let people know what they are really in for before they go ahead.

    In all the literature that I have read about MC nowehere are the reactions/emotions and the motions clearly outlined so YES... HERE GOES.

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  2. This girl

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    So I am not feeling any different. I have had the urge to run to the loo to wee pretty frequently but other than that I still feel "normal" :)

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  3. Clay

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    Hi This Girl

    Don't worry you will start feeling the changes soon enough. I am now on day 5 and i am feeling so good actually doing the herbal tea and SWF everyday too. It might take a couple of days before it really starts to work. Ive lost 5kgs in 5 days i am a bit over weight but it is looking good! Just remember why you are doing it through the tough times becuase there are a few of those in the journey which lies ahead of you. Good luck and will keep checking to see how things are going!

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  4. karen_c

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    Hey Girl...good one on getting started, now just don't forget to chill out and take it easy - the cleanse is a period of rest and recuperation for your body so you don't want to add any stress if you can help it. The first few days can be a little rough (or so I've heard - it was easy-peasy for me) but in the long run you are going to enjoy it all I promise :)

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  5. This girl

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    Hi Karen and Clay
    Thank you so much for the support and inspirations.
    I am on to day 4 now and am feeling great.
    I definitley have more energy and am not feeling so "heavy"
    My sinuses have cleared up and I am smelling things that I never knew existed.
    I am suffering one minor side effect and I wonder if either of you had this problem but my skin is feeling soooo dry.
    Anyway have an awesome day!!! :-)

    Posted 11 years ago #

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