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Patrick's Spring Cleansing

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  1. Hi all

    I started my cleanse on Spring Day (1 Sept) to mark the beginning of spring and my internal spring cleaning.

    Day 1 & 2

    Day 1 was a breeze. I had my laxatea the night before, woke up and had my SWF (which I had to be very careful with because I gulped it down a bit fast & almost hurled), and nothing happened. Not a bowel movement in sight. Thankfuly I know this is because my usual diet comprises of meat & dairy products, so I was not worried. I had about 2.5 litres of the lemonade throughout the day. I usually have 1 glass of lemonade, then one glass of water, and so on.

    Unfortunately I completely forgot to drink my laxatea last night(end of Day 1), but woke up this morning feeling good, drank the SWF (I must admit that it was a whole lot easier today than it was yesterday, I actually liked the flavour of it, but hey, we are all a bit weird in our own little ways ;) ) & within 10 minutes it was working its magic. About an hour later I was in my car heading to work.

    Today I'm feeling fine, very motivated to get through this, but am definitely feeling a little tired though. I have been using about 3 times the amount of cayenne pepper in my drinks because I simply love the taste. The only down side to doing that is the "burning" down below when I'm on the loo.

    Today I decided to change the timing and quantity per glass of the lemonade. I had a 500ml glass from 10am-11am, then a 500ml glass of spring water from 11am-12pm, then a 500ml glass of lemonade, and so on. So every 2 hours I'm having 500mls. I plan to do 6 x 500ml glasses a day while on the cleanse, so my last glass is between 8pm-9pm, which gives my body enough time to process the last glass before I have my laxatea at around 10/10:30pm.

    I felt really hungry last night but I knew from my previous MC that these cravings would pass.

    Tonight is my second night, and I'm looking forward to the beginning of Day 3.

    The Master Cleanse - "Cleansing the world one cell at a time"
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  2. Mike

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    ez on the cayenne mate, too much of anything is never good and you don't want to irritate your insides. let us know about your weight throughout this and in the month following, ok? (pat's fiancé - like many people, is too focussed on the weight-loss aspect - she thinks he's going to waste away as he's definitely not overweight!) also I don't think increasing sugar consumption is a healthy way to gain weight ;) trust your body, nurture it well and get outta the way...

    and the cigarettes?


    "I am responsible - the creator of my own experience."
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  3. Hi all

    It's been a week days since my last post, so here's an update.

    Unfortunately I CHEATED on the second night :'-( With 2-minute noodles (of all unhealthy things). Silly me! I'm not going to beat myself up about it, and am starting from the beginning again today. The reason I failed is because I didn't take creedence of the one message in Mike's book - "Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail". One of the steps in the plan is to try get rid of all temptation, and I didn't do what Mike so eloquently said to do "turn your kitchen/pantry into a wasteland". My bad! *slaps own wrist* I thought I had the will-power as I've always been a "eat-to-live" kind of guy & not the "live-to-eat" type, so have never followed a regular eating pattern. I eat when my body tells me I need food. And on the night I cheated, I mistook the "craving" for hunger.

    Anyhoo, I'm taking that small setback in my stride and today is Day 1, I had my tea last night and the SWF this morning which worked with no hassles, in fact it worked a lot quicker than the last time.

    What I really should've done was to start from the beginning the next day, but I gave in, like the typical addictive personality that I am. The force is not too strong within me, clearly. This time, however, I will have nothing in place to tempt me. Although my fiancé will be back from Durban tomorrow & I've got a DJing competition to play tomorrow night, so I must just avoid the congratulatory "tequillas" and celebratory drinks if I make it through to the Semi-Finals. Wish me luck :) I am committed to complete this cleanse.

    I am going the distance this time & wish I could turn back the clock because tomorrow would've been day 10. I wonder if the MC will make me DJ better ;) lol!

    Oh yeah, about the cigarettes, there are 4 left in my box & when they're done I'll see how long I can hold out for. Hopefully long enough for the cleanse to start working it's mental smoking-related dissuasion. :)

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