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Maya's Master Cleanse day 5

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  • Started 12 years ago by Maya
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  1. Maya

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    Hi Everybody
    Yes, I'm now on day 5. Yesterday was a bit too busy too talk but I still haven't cheated and I'm still fine.

    Last night I started cooking the soup that I want to take when I finished the ten days. I used cabbage, carrots, green beans, green and red sweet peppers, beetroot, onions and of course a packet of oxtail soup. Tastes quite ok! I'll take that for two days before slowly starting to eat again. It's now in the freezer where it will stay until I need it.

    Patric, hi! Thanks for talking to me. Ok, I've decided to try the salt water flush again. I'll specially go get the sea salt and tomorrow morning I'll do it.I can understand your concern about the honey and most probably the maple syrup is still the better choice. However, I'm still doing ok, my skin has almost totally cleared up, the itching is almost gone and I feel great. The scale said 70kg's this morning, soooooo I've lost all in all 5 kgs and I'm only on day 5.

    Unfortunately the weekend is coming up and it will be more difficult to stick to the detox considering the rugby and barbeques. But, I came so far, so it will be totally stupid not stick with it. I'll be strong 8) .

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  2. flabby

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    well done on going this far. i did my first cleanse at the beginning of march this year & I lost 9.5kgs :)

    i must warn you to stay away from the braai this weekend if you can! the temptation will be enormous! i am a mother of two, and just cooking for them was enough of a strain, nevermind braaing for the rugby! the last thing you want to do, especially after having come to the halfway point is to cheat & have to start all over again. it's sorta like smoking, which I did for many years, and as they say at smokenders "you're only a puff away from a pack a day". i suppose the same is true for the cleanse.

    don't let the weekend get the best of you ! keep that in mind while you're see the aussies get their butts kicked (hopefully ;)

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  3. lemons4life

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    I know it sounds hard to do, but YOU CAN DO THIS!!! I had a similar experience with a work function at a restaurant called "The Carnivore". It was a work function, and unfortunately as a PR person I couldn't excuse myself. It was tough, but it really made me think about what I had been putting into my mouth for all these years.

    I completed my first MC about 2 weeks ago & I will never turn back. The whole process gave me the time I neeedd to seriously think about what I eat day to day. It was actually amazing & weird at the same time for me to find myself staring at other peple while they ate. I actually thought to myself "look at what these people are eating", "how did I do that my whole life".

    Funny thing is, I come from a farming background, my dad was a pig & sheep farmer, so I grew up eating lots & lots of meat. So, you can only imagine how tough it was for me to restrain myself from digging into all the different meats at the work function. However, I did'nt cheat, instead I lied to everyone & said I was on liquid diet. They all laughed & passed me the wine. I poured a glass and, sad to say, but the plant that was right next to my seat, got a tad sloshed that night. I didn't drink a drop. Oh boy oh boy, but was the temptation there!!!

    ok, so i'm rambling on a bit, but the main thing I want to say is, no matter how big the temptation, it is nowhere near as good as the benefits I have/you will feel from the cleanse. Just keep telling yuorself that you are already past the half way point, so it would be futile to have to go righ back to the beginning and relive all of those five days of saying "no thanks".

    I hope to start my next cleanse in mid october as I have a nice 2 week break planned. I wish you all the best, but stick to your guns Maya & you will see why it is called the "Master" cleanse.



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  4. Hey Guys n' Gals

    Glad to see some more activity on this forum, been a bit quiet the last few days. Must be a Friday thing ;)

    Maya, you are doing extremely well so far, and as lemons4life put it "STICK TO YOUR GUNS". You are the only one that is going to get the most out of your cleanse, so dont give in to temptation. A little bit of willpower now will pay dividends if you continue to the end.

    May the force be with you (and the bokke) this weekend & beyond :) :) :)

    The Master Cleanse - "Cleansing the world one cell at a time"
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