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Maya's Master Cleanse - Day 3

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  • Started 12 years ago by Maya
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  1. Maya

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    Yoohoo! My third day! Yes Sally, I'm over the worst. And yes, Mr Lemonhead, I'm going to do 10 days once again. I'd rather only do the prescribed 10 days like every 5 months, than doing too much at a time. Monday I weighed 75 kg. Today ... trrrrr drumroll ... 71.5 kg. My skin is soooo much better and I'm actually in a good mood. Most of the itching has gone, and now my skin only has to heal. It has to heal because I've been scratching so much because of the itching.

    Last night, again, I did not cheat. I have now stopped smoking for 10 days as well. I do sometime feel like having a cigarette. Especially the one I always smoked when I got home after work. And the one when I got up in the morning.

    Sally, I did not change that much on the recipe. I just exchanged my maple syrup to honey. It is 11 spoons of honey, 11 spoons of lemon juice and cayenne pepper. Rooibostea is a sort of herbal tea found in South Africa. It contains no caffeine but does have a lot of anti-oxidants. It's very healthy. The SWF is basically the same with epsom salts and the Black Forest Tea is almost the same as senna tea.

    Although I have lots of energy today. I feel good. I haven't lost my temper once today, and usually by this time, I have. I'm still calm. I actually overslept this morning, after again waking up only once last night. Usually I'm a very bad sleeper. Normally I sleep about 3 hours at night and then I woke up many times in between. But with my previous Cleanse I also found I slept unusually well. Isn't it great. The last few months I had dark circles under my eyes as I haven't had a holiday in ages, but now it is really much better. The Master Cleanse works and don't let other people tell you differently.

    Well, tomorrow is day 4 and I'll let you know whats up.

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  2. Hi maya

    Congrats on your progress so far. You seem to be doing really well. keep it up.

    One thing I want to add is this excerpt from Stanley Burrough's original book regarding the use of honey instead of Organic Grade B Maple Syrup:

    "Honey must not be used at any time internally. It is manufactured from the nectar picked up from the flowers by the bees — good enough in itself, perhaps — then predigested, vomited and stored for their own future use with a preservative added. It is deficient in calcium and has many detrimental effects for the human being.

    According to one authority, honey is 'a magical and mystical word in ‘Healthfoodland’. It is one of the most over promoted, overpriced products being sold to gullible health food advocates. The great value attributed to honey is delusive…honey is only a little less empty and more dangerous than sugar.' Just as with alcohol, honey, being predigested, enters the blood directly, raising the sugar content very rapidly above normal. To correct this, the pancreas must produce insulin immediately or possible death can occur. More insulin than necessary is likely to be produced, and the blood sugar level then drops below normal. This can produce blackout spells and even death if it goes to low.

    When blood sugar is below normal, a person will feel depressed. The regular use of honey can create constant imbalances, which in turn will adversely affect the normal function of the liver, pancreas and spleen. Hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia are the results of the use of unbalanced sugars. The balanced sugar in maple syrup and sugar cane juice causes no dangerous side effects. Artificial, synthetic, and refined sugars have no place in a natural diet."

    So with that said, why are you using honey? Simply because it's cheaper?

    Do take into account though that other than buying fresh lemons & water, that is all you are going to be consuming/spending on food for at least ten days. If you consider what you would be spending on all the meals over that period, you will realise that there's not much difference in the cost, and that's not even counting the value of the incredible benefits that you will get while doing the cleanse and beyond.

    Apart from that I commend you on the non-smoking. I would love to quite smoking and am going to be using my next MC as an opportunity to do just that. 3 of my smoker friends did the cleanse & ended up stopping smoking even though they haddn't intended on it!! I am starting my next cleanse next Monday 1 September, to mark the beginning of Spring & thus the beginning of my Spring cleaning :)

    Also with regard to sleeping patterns, pretty much everyone who does the cleanse experiences much better sleeping patterns. I for one have the same problems as you, I sleep for 3 hours or so & wake up 4 or 5 times before I finally get up in the morning. So I never seem to get a good solid night's rest. This all changed when I did my first cleanse.

    Lastly, with regard to the salt used for the SWF. The table salt we are all most familiar with is almost totally Sodium Chloride with some added Iodine, added to combat a supposed Iodine deficiency in our diets, and various anti-caking agents such as sodium silicoaluminate (a form of aluminium) or magnesium carbonate. It is produced in an industrial refining environment and has no other nutritional value whatsoever and should be avoided. In contrast, raw, unrefined sea salts and salt from sea deposits can contain over 80 individual nutrients and minerals! Many of these are only trace elements, and are therefore required by our bodies in only very small amounts, yet a deficiency of them can cause great harm to our bodies. Uniodised Sea Salt preserves acid-base balance in the body, aids potassium absorption, supplies the essence of digestive stomach acid, and enhances the ability of the blood to carry carbon dioxide from respiring tissues to the lungs.

    Epsom salts on the other hand is actually Magnesium sulfate, which is a chemical compound containing magnesium and sulfate. Internally neither of which are likely to be doing your body any good while on the cleanse.

    Just thought I'd shed some light on why the recipe exits the way it does.

    Please remember that the recipe was devised in 1941 & refined over the next 35 years before it was published in 1976, and it for this reason alone that it should be trusted & followed exactly as it was written.

    Just a friendly heads up :)

    I'm looking forward to your next report back.

    Take care & stay strong :)

    The Master Cleanse - "Cleansing the world one cell at a time"
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