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thanks for your book!

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  1. karen_c

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    Hi Mike. Just wanted to say thanks for the "kit". It all went brilliantly and the instructions in your book were perfect - just what I needed. I got a bit confused at some of the instructions in the "yellow book" its not as easy to understand as your one. I would recommend it to everyone, especially if its their first time.

    BTW I lost about 7 kilos (ten days) and I will definitely be doing this again. I didn't have much detox problems except feeling cold! But then it is winter. Thanks again. Karen.

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  2. Anonymous

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    my husband & I bought the couples kit, and I have to agree with you karen. i feel I would've been lost without the survivor's guide. both my husband and i read stanley's book, and embarked on the cleanse before reading the survivor's guide. only on day 3 did i start mike's book, and i wish i had done it sooner. the support i needed was right there the whole time. it really felt as if someone were holding my hand through the whole process day by day. the next time we do the cleanse we're going to shoot for 20 days. so as far as im concerned it would be really great if there was another book that covered 20 days and more. unless of course after day 10 its plain sailing?


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  3. Kelly, not sure if that's likely to happen any time soon, however you mustn't forget that this forum is here for support all the time. There are lots of people doing the cleanse at any one time, so please feel free to post your concerns or questions to the members of this forum. They're likely to be going through the same issues as you are.

    Another thought. Why not start a thread letting everyone know when you'll be starting and ask them to do it at the same time? You'll be surprised by how reassuring it is to know that someone else out there is going through exactly what you are, albeit with their own bodies ;) Good luck with you 20 day cleanse! P.S. you should get your husband to join the forum and share his experiences too, only if he is keen, of course.


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  4. Mike

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    Hey Karen, thanks and congratulations! Glad it all went well for you :)

    Kelly - no need for another book, once you've done 10 days you're well over the worst and everything will just keep getting better from then on. Its really an amazing experience: a long Cleanse is totally life-changing, believe me! Just be sure to read page 78 for details about breaking a longer fast properly - the longer you go the more critical this period becomes as your gut gets very sensitive.

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