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Juicing vs Soup and beyond - I love my Matstone!

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  • Started 12 years ago by Mike

  1. Mike

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    One of the best "side effects" of my doing the MC was the purchase of my Matstone juicer. This thing really changed my eating habits, especially in terms of nutritional content. On my next cleanse I am definitely going to replace the last part of the soup phase with fresh juiced vegetables - a "raw soup" as it were. I have really come to appreciate eating raw food, especially in the form of vegetable juice, and the Matstone juicer has been the key in making that change. While I haven't been able to achieve 100% raw (yet!) I am certainly well over 80% and boy can I feel the difference in me.

    If you're browsing on the web, the 'Matstone' is also known as the 'Samson' in the US and the 'Lexsun' in Australia and New Zealand. Why it has different brand names, who's a bit confusing in all the reviews and buyer's guides. Anyway, now you know. Go get one!

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