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End of Day 4. YEAH BABY!!

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  • Started 12 years ago by bryanH
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  1. bryanH

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    This is great....except of course for the salt water flush, and the short leash required connecting one to the toilet, and of course trying to ignore a lifetime habit of chewing during one's waking hours, then nothing needs to be said about the bad breath and ox-killer body oder...confusion about teasponns or tablespoons too much pepper or too little...

    For my part I'm diggin it. Day four winding slowly down, no embarrassing accidents, all of the notoriety gained by accomplishing an impossible act before ones peers. I feel light and free and as if I can do no wrong. I'm looking forward to my next 6 days with grinning anticipation and high hopes.

    Food schmood, I'm a lemonade machine! :mrgreen:

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  2. lemons4life

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    Hey Bryan

    I am coming to the end of day 4 and whewww have I had some detox symptoms! When I was still in school 15 years ago I used to play rugby and I injured my right knee, I had my leg in a cast for 3 months, and was on some serious pain meds. The injury seemed to get better at the time, but it never really felt the same after that. I was also in a car accident a few years back and my neck was injured (double whiplash), which was also deemed "healed", but to be honest it too isn't the same any more. Well, since yesterday morning both my knee and neck have been extremely sore. I have read quite a bit about recurring pain from old injuries while dong the cleanse and although it is quite painfull I am confident that the pain I am feeling nowis down to the cleanse working its wonders on these old injuries. They obvioulsy weren't 100% healed or I don't think I'd be feeling this now.

    I am sooo looking forward to completing day 10, and maybe even beyond if my knee and neck are still sore. I will post again on day 10 to let you know how it pans out.

    counting the days....minutes....seconds.....zzzzzz

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  3. @lemons4life

    Indeed that is true. There are loads of stories of people with older injuries having the pain recur while on the cleanse. This is definitely a sign that the cleanse is working. The best part is that once your body has been given enough time to do its healing, the injury in question will probably never bother you again.

    Good luck with the rest of your cleanse. I'm looking forward to hearing about your progress.

    Keep going :)

    The Master Cleanse - "Cleansing the world one cell at a time"
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