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My Journey

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  1. Anonymous

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    Hi All

    Hope this message finds you well.This is my day 4 on the cleanse and I a struggling with horrible detox effects.
    Day1- Generally easy but the habit of eating or seeking a mal was the challenge, didn't feel hungry at all and each time I though of food, I say "mind over matter, who is stronger" works like a charm. Turns out I am competitive even my own brain.

    Day 2- Headaches started, feeling dizzy and a bit hazy, with lots of water and the lemonade, I managed. I find the fact that I am busy at work aswell keeps my mind away from the thoughts about food. SWF- Its pretty easy for me, no issues. I make it luke warm and tuck in my tounge to hide the sweet sensor in front. Gulps pretty quickly and then I run

    Day 3- Woooo :mrgreen: By far the worst day. Felt like I got hit by a bus. There was no joint in my body that was not aching. The worst pain is actually on the neck and back. Kept the lemonade constant and drank loads of water...Helps.
    I found great joy in getting into a hot bath, felt amazing. This is now my evening treat. Nice hot bath, soak myself to ease the aches

    Day 4- I am having chest pains which is something I have never felt before. The book says its part of the process, how do you guys deal with it?
    Please help this is too much, I am drinkin lots and waiting for it to pass.

    Posted 7 years ago #
  2. Mike

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    Hi Blackpearl. Sounds like you're having quite a tough time there! Honestly the best way to deal with any of these symptoms seems to be taking a little time off to rest and relax - waiting as you say. You say you are busy at work so that sounds like resting is not an option! Nevertheless, if you are uncomfortable it might be best to take a little time off and just get horizontal for a while.

    Remember that nothing you are taking on the Cleanse is the cause of anything in the way of detox symptoms - these are all the results of (positive) actions by your body and they will pass when the issues are resolved. You should find that there is always an improvement after a night of good sleep and rest.

    "I am responsible - the creator of my own experience."
    Posted 7 years ago #

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