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Day 5 & feeling great!!!

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  • Started 12 years ago by SallyBest
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  1. SallyBest

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    So far I’m on day 5 and feel and look fabulous! I keep wondering if its a craving or actual hunger and it’s mostly a big burger ‘talkin’ to me… heh. The most beautiful things I’m finding about this cleanse is the mental alertness and how sharp my mind is. I feel balanced and at peace and all around happier. I’m not putting pressure on myself to complete the 10 days because (and this is just because I know myself & how I operate) I don’t want to add any extra pressure on my self mentally or spiritually. I’m taking it one day at a time. I’m finding what’s been helping is reading inspirational books like ‘The Secret’ to keep me positive & motivated… I feel like I can literally move mountains right now! I am certainly incorporating this cleanse into my new lifestyle and way of living! All the best to everyone who’s trying it for the first time & for those who are still not certain - it’s one of the best things I could have done for myself!

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  2. sharkfin

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    Howzit everyone. I am day five now, think I'm going for the ten days. I am feeling sort of ok now but I must say I was feeling really bad especially the first three days. I started on saturday and felt sick all weekend and really cold. Plus its been really cold as well here in joburg! Fortunately I could stay curled up in my duvet and vegged in front of the tv. Felt sort of nauseous and fluey and lots of aches and pains. Nothing serious though. I was worried a bit but its all pretty much cleared now. I have lost about 4 kilos so far but I still get cold easily and my nose is runny. I suppose thats good, right? I have a hard time swallowing the SWF but I like the lemonade a lot though! I been wanting to do this for so long but couldn't find the maple syrup before. See ya later.

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  3. sharkfin

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    wooohoooooo!! Almost finished day ten. I am feeling awesome and I am so glad I made it! But the truth is it was so much easier than I thought :-) I have a whole sack of beautiful oranges in my kitchen and I am so looking forward to tomorrow to taste them. Thanks for kit guys this has been a really amazing time. I see what you mean about it changing the way you think about food :) Lost about 6 kilos in total. Maybe next time I'll do it a bit longer now that I know what its all about.

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  4. Hey sharkfin

    Congratulations on completing your first Master Cleanse. Welcome to the new you :)

    The Master Cleanse - "Cleansing the world one cell at a time"
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