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Where to find organic LEMONS (and other healthy raw food) in Johannesburg area

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  1. iana

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    Hi there,

    I'm struggling to get organic lemons within the Johannesburg area.

    The only place I know of is Fresh Earth but have some issues:
    .they hardly ever have enough stock and when I order they are unreliable (forget etc.) and take too long to get stock in the store.
    .their stock is often very green - which tells me it isn't freshly picked. Meaning the fruit is going to ripen off the tree which will greatly limit the nutrient value. Some of their stock is the correct lemon colour - still no guarantee it ripened on the tree though.

    Limes are also an option to me but no idea where I'd find them. I'd prefer organic lemons though.

    I really need a place where I can walk in anyday and they have good stock. Woolworths is perfect but they don't sell organic (been to three of their stores).

    My next option is to plant my own lemon tree :-) but only for few years down the line of course.

    I would really appreciate any help with:

    .the names of all stores you could recommend for vegan, raw, vegeterian food (I'll search online for their address etc.) - Please also post any good store names you know of in the Joburg area (even if they don't sell lemons/limes - it'll help me when I'm trying to plan my busy hectic day around eating healthier foood)
    .it might sound weird but any names of nurseries which sell lemon trees - at least I'll be sorted in a few years with a supply of lemons and it's also a very nice ornamental evergreen tree


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  2. Mike

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    Hi iani. Your best bet is probably the organic market in Bryanston. Open Thursdays and Saturdays from 9 at the Michael Mount Waldorf school. Woollies Nicolway and Douglasdale often have them. Generally the larger ones have some organic produce but unfortunately demand for this kind of thing seems dismal in joburg and thus stores don't seem to bother. Otherwise maybe you have neighbors who have lemon trees you could ask? That's usually the best source and the trees always have far more fruit than people can consume.

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  3. iana

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