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  • Started 8 years ago by Monica Mtombeni
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  1. Monica Mtombeni

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    Last year i had the fast for 20 days in December and had no problems or any side effects. All was bright and beautiful right to the end!. I planned to do the cleanse again this year and my starting date was Sunday 20/05/2012. I had my first cup of laxative tea Saturday night and the SWF Sunday morning. Right after the SWF i felt cold, i was literally freezing from the inside! I spent all day long in bed...sipping my lemonade. Yesterday (Monday 21/05/2012) i did everything as expected and was even more cold and had a splitting headache. I was freezing for the whole day and i dicided to stop the fast just after 2 days. I had a cup of soup that evening and instantlt felt much better. I think winter time is not good for me to fast. I will do the fast again when it gets warmer.

    Is it possible that some people reacts negative to the fast on different seasons?


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  2. Mike

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    Hi Monica - welcome to detox! I think you'll find that those symptoms are very common with some folks. Unfortunately when people are not prepared for any detox symptoms they usually do exactly what you did and abort. Its a pity, your body is doing exactly what it needs to do but your 'head' is interrupting. Did you read the 'Survivor's Guide'? That should have prepared you for this.

    There are no "negative" reactions. Your body is in charge and it will do the perfect thing. Always. Its how you interpret what its doing that is the problem! Anyway, its all in the book...

    You will normally feel colder during the Cleanse as your body focusses its energy and resources on protecting your core (central nervous system/brain) as a priority over other parts. However the choice of whether to do a Cleanse in winter or not is up to you. Winter is lemon season though!

    Take it easy.

    "I am responsible - the creator of my own experience."
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