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Quiting smoking and the MC

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  1. KatiaT

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    I am happy to report that all is well here in Lemonville. Even the SWF is getting easier to get down in the mornings. Day 12 today and feeling positive.
    I have another question..

    My fiance who is toying with the idea of doing the cleanse would also like to quit smoking, would it benefit him to do this when starting the cleanse or during perhaps a few days prior to the cleanse?

    If anyone has had any experience or input, we would mostly appreciate it..

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  2. Chrissi

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    Hi Katia,

    I;m a smoker and just started the cleanse... day 2!! It is insanely hard to stop smoking, however, i've stopped quite a few times, every time as hard as the previous time, but at the moment, it feels different, it's still hard, at moments, but its like your head is set for a cleanse, so not smoking just falls into that categorie. I think it helps to mentally prepare your self. I don't know if i would stop before the cleanse, either way, it's going to be hard, so the best advice would be just to do it, however you decide, just do the cleanse!

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  3. Mike

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    Hi Katia. Having given up smoking myself after a 25+ year relationship I can also say its pretty difficult and a heckuva lot harder than giving up solid food. That said the MC will provide a perfect platform for this if he can stick to it. It will add a lot to the mental torture and in the same way as the fasting its the first few days that are the hardest. The constant craving/reaching for cigarettes is one the biggest of mind games your thoughts will ever play play with you. The battle is all in there but if you really have made up your mind to stop you will do it. Every thought, every desire, every single impetus to light up needs to be addressed on its own as a conscious decision. "Do I really want to do this?" - yes or no. Cravings always fade as you get distracted and it helps to deal with them one at a time.
    Many people have used the MC as a springboard to giving up smoking - some successfully and some not. The increase in taste and smell sensitivity over the Cleanse is often a good motivator, specially when smelling other smokers (and it dawns on you that thats what you smell like!) Maybe its best to start it all at once rather than stepping into it - kind of a cold turkey on everything at once? It might be easier that way lest failing at the one prompts ditching the other? Not sure...but let us know!


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