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Effects on Asthma and Allergies

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  1. astrid

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    How much of an effect will the MC have on my asthma? I have lived with asthma my entire life and have been on every possible type of chronic and non-chronic medication for it. will the cleanse have a noticeable effect? will the benifits be permanent or temporary?

    I also have a deadly peanut allergy. will the clease desensitise it? and to what degree?

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  2. Mike

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    Hi astrid. One of the main parts of the MC is the clearing of the mucous system and as such should have a noticeable effect on your asthma. I cannot say whether the effect will be permanent - if the cause is not resolved the symptoms will reoccur. Stanley B's recommendations are to do the Cleanse around four times a year (seasonally) and if you took this advice it would certainly be effective in the long term. I know for sure from my own experience that the MC definitely has a great positive clearing effect on other mucous problems like colds, coughs, flu and hayfever.

    I cannot comment on the peanut allergy as I have no information or experience to offer any advice there. If you do go ahead with an MC maybe you could enlighten the rest of us about your experience? It doesn't contain any peanut or related substances so I can't see it being a problem in that respect.

    I will post a couple of comments I have seen and been sent about asthma below.

    "I am responsible - the creator of my own experience."
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  3. Mike

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    Sallyb: I used to have bad asthma, but now, since starting the fast (I'm on day 14) my asthma is almost gone...don't need the puffer except occasionally on my runs (I can run!) and even that is a lot less than before.
    I don't think you should suffer if your asthma is bad during your fast. I have no problems using my puffer when absolutely needed. But now its just a faded memory in my mind, most of the time.

    maristeluna: I'm asthmatic too. I'm on Day10 and have not taken my twice-daily Serevent Inhalations since I started, and have used my Albuterol only a few times. I definitely have a lot less asthma and only when walking uphill do I get any at all, and even then, not all the time.
    I'm so encouraged by this cleanse. Before I started, I couldn't walk a block without major low back pain. I walked twelve blocks the other night with NO pain whatsoever, and only a little asthma.

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  4. Mike

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    CarlaM:I have severe Asthma, and the Master Cleanse is the only thing that keeps me off steroids. I am a witness that this has worked for me. My family see a big change too. When ever I get an Asthma attack I get back on the Master Cleanse for three days, and the Asthma clears up. Before the Master Cleanse I would have to go to the ER, and get three shots before the Asthma clears up. Thank you so much for the Master Cleanse.

    joshua291185: the cleanse is perfect for asthma. many people have incredible recoveries from their asthma and bronchitis after mc'ing. i would recommend him not taking any meds at all while on the mc. only if he really needs them. but many people find by after the first week or so many of their symptoms begin to fade. i would say if he could go over 3 weeks he could get some remarkable results.

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