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  1. Pooler

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    Is there a difference between "un-iodonised sea salt" and "Iodine free sea salt" ?. One sounds like a process and the other just has something added to it? And--is it advisable to continue with SWF after the MC...indefinitely. I mean, as an every day regimen to clean out your system properly (making sure a probiotic is taken straight after)

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  2. Mike

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    I don't think so, its just terminology. The Iodine is added to salt (usually the pure chemical version, not sea salt) along with an aluminium compound to stop it caking. Iodising (or Iodating to some) is the process. The main thing is to get pure sea salt and not something manufactured in a factory. Sun-dried sea salt contains over 70 different mineral ingredients, while regular table salt contains 1 (other than the added Iodine and anti-caking chemicals). The pink Himalayan salt is also good.

    I would definitely not recommend the ongoing use of the SWF. The long-term use of any laxatives will eventually begin to affect normal bowel function. It can quite safely be used now and again though, and I know some folk who do it on a weekly or fortnightly basis, usually after a day's fast. Proper eating will ensure proper bowel functioning without any aids necessary. Obviously, bad eating habits will not, and since the latter applies to most of us, doing the Master Cleanse three or four times a year will help keep the system flushed and clean.

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